My Top 5 Christmas Lipsticks

I am planning a winter lipstick post for next month but I thought I’d do a Christmassy one first. Nothing says ‘jingle bells’ like a festive lipstick.



Firstly is the Sleek Matte Me lipstick in Vino Tinto. This one is a purple-red, like a red wine (hence the name) and everyone drinks too much wine at Christmas. Top tip, though – don’t go to a fancy restaurant with this on because it smudges everywhere when you eat and ruins dessert.


This gorgeous redย is the Bourjois Velvet Rouge lipstick in #15. Bourjois have a huge range of reds and pinks in their rouge liquid lipstick collection and this one is slightly deeper than the Kate lipstick and feels so much moisturising than the unbranded liquid lipstick.


Number three is a classic red in Rimmel’s Kate collection. This one was actually for Red Nose Day and is called ’01 Red Nose Red’ but I think it’s a nice bright lippy for festivities as well. Most people seem to have the 107 red and both that and 01 are lovely reds, with this one being a bit lighter and brighter!


Next is a gorgeous purpley shade by Revlon. It’s in the shade ‘Black Cherry’ and it feels so moisturising! It’s so Christmassy to me, because it makes me think of mulled wine, berries and cranberry sauce.


Lastly is a deep red liquid lipstick (sorry for the reds, but they basically ARE Christmas). It’s unbranded, so I can’t tell you the shade or the company behind it (or the ingredients – bit scary) but I found this on eBay. They remind me of the LA Girl matte liquid lipsticks but it dries down a lot more ‘matte’ looking and does dry out my lips. But it’s so pretty.

If you enjoyed this post, keep an eye out for my January ‘top 5 winter lipsticks’ post! What are your fave xmas lipsticks?


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