February hasn’t been an eventful month. It’s been an ill month! Everyone is ill and everything hurts.

With me recovering from surgery, I was bound to get ill and get ill I did (is that a sentence? I don’t know, I can’t see through the snot). I ended up with month-long flu which I passed onto my husband. Chris has asthma so he ended up with a severe chest infection and muscular issues from coughing so much. I’ve taken him to A&E and the out-of-hours clinic twice so it’s been a rough month for him. Because we’ve been ill we’ve been quite lazy in terms of cleaning and cooking so now the house is a mess and we’ve eaten enough junk food to give us heart disease (nearly).


I beat my subscriber and follower goals again! I began the month on 458 followers and I’m currently on 520, which is amazing. YouTube is also doing well, with me starting on 515 and currently on 585. I can’t wait to grow even more! Now that I’ve reached 500 followers on both accounts, I’ll be doing a giveaway soon!

Some exciting news that you probably would have seen already, but I am now an affiliate of Boots and LookFantastic! That means that wherever I provide a link to their websites, if you purchase something after you click it, I get a tiny percentage of commission. Any money I make from that will go straight into the blog again and I’ll always disclose if I’ve used affiliate links.

I retired one of my instagram accounts, which is a bit sad but I just never had time to make sure I was posting each day and I wasn’t enjoying posting on that account. So @hollife.journal is no more and only @hollife lives on.


It’s my anniversary on the 27th February! I can’t believe we’ve been married for a whole year; it’s gone so quickly. Hopefully we’ll be booking our honeymoon soon, but to celebrate we’re going out for dinner. The next day I have a check-up at the hospital with the surgeon who took my gallbladder out, but everything seems to be fine.

And that’s about it for February! Not an exciting month but hopefully March will be more eventful…


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