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LookFantastic’s subscription Beauty Box never fails to disappoint. This month’s theme was ‘Get The Glow’, perfect for the glowy skin vibes I’ve been going for this Spring so far (and will definitely be continuing throughout Summer). We received seven items this month centred around the glowy theme and a total box worth of around £45, which is a little lower than usual but still over the actual box price (£13, with free delivery). If you want to sign up, you can do so here (links are affiliated) and use the code HELEN-R5E for money off.


As always, we received the Beauty Box magazine, which outlines all the products in the Beauty Box, plus some articles about other products on or launching on LookFantastic’s website. We also got Elle’s May issue as usual, which I love getting as I’m a lover of glossy magazines. Elle in itself is £3!


First is the NuFace Prep-N-Glow cloth, which is a one-use sample worth about 95p. Usually you would get 20 in a packet for £19. This ‘makeup wipe’ is dual-sided, with a cleansing side and an exfoliating/hydrating side. The exfoliating side had tiny dots all over it which exfoliated my skin really nicely and I felt cleansed and baby-soft after I used it. I’m tempted to get another 20…


This is the Mellow eyeshadow in the shade Cream, which retails for £6. It’s full-sized and the only makeup product we got in the box this month, but I do like getting more skincare as it means I can test things out on my skin – we’re always looking for our skincare holy grails! This eyeshadow is quite sheer and needs building up but because of that, it layers up nicely and you can also use this as a highlighter.


A haircare item for a change! This is the System Professional Solar Sun Oil [some people received a different type of oil] which retails for around £16 for this size. It’s technically full-size, but you can buy a larger version too. I used this on holiday to protect my hair from the heat and it definitely helped my hair from ‘baking’ in the sun, but didn’t stop it going frizzy which was a shame. My husband really enjoyed using it, however and his hair felt very soft and nourished every time he used it.


This a teeny 7ml sample (possibly two or three uses) of Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute skin peel. It’s less scary than it sounds – you rub the gel-like peel on your face until it clumps up with the dead skin (bit grim) and rinse off with cleanser or water. The full-size version of this would cost £37 for 50ml, so this one is worth just over £5.


This is the Glov Quick Treat microfibre cloth. It’s similar to the microfibre towels you can get at the drugstore that remove makeup, but it’s basically a finger puppet (if you’ve seen the finger blender, it’s like that). You get the towel wet and it removes makeup really well. I would recommend using a cleanser as well to get tough makep off, but for a quick removal, this is great. I could only find this for sale in other European countries, but it works out to be around £3 for 3 months usage.


The Scrub Love body scrub is what interesting me the most about this month’s box! It’s in a packet which means you can squish it around and it’s super therapeutic. This is a 100g half-size sample, so a fairly huge sample! It’s worth about £6.47 as the full size is £12.95. The scrub exfoliates your skin with so many different anti-oxidants and vitamins that will help hydrate and nourish you at the same time.


Another interesting one in the box was the James Read Gradual Tan Mist. This is supposed to hydrate whilst subtly tanning your face (or wherever you want to spray it). I used it once and came out in brown splodges everywhere, so make sure you blend it in once you spray it! If I rub it into my face after using it works so much better and really gradually darkens your complexion without you going orange or smelling like fake tan. It also has Rose Water in it to help nourish your skin. This is a 30ml sample worth £6 (full-size is 100ml and £20).

And that’s it for this month’s #LFBeautyBox! Let me know what you thought of the contents this month and don’t forget you can sign up by clicking this link and using the referral code ‘HELEN-R5E‘ for some money off your first box. I really think it’s worth the £13 per month, especially if you’re into trying different skincare items!

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