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This month’s #LFBeautyBox theme was Elle Magazine! They did a collab on the box, so Elle chose their fave bits from SS17 beauty and shoved it in a box for us to open. All details (and discount codes) are at the bottom of the post!

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We were treated to pink packaging this month. Each box contains both full-size and sample size products, but this time only had one full-size product and 5 sample size. However, each sample was very generous so I’m not fussed!


First we have a one-use sample of the Redken Heatcure conditioning treatment. This also came with an instruction card to help you use it; it’s a self-heating rinse-off hair mask. I’m looking forward to seeing how warm it gets! Usually you would get four of these in a packet for £25, so this is worth £6.25. You can get the hairmask here.


Next is a concealer, the only makeup product in this month’s box. I do like getting more skincare that makeup because it means I can try different things on my skin and not have to keep buying it! The concealer is PUR Disappearing Act concealer, which helps to fight blemishes as it conceals them. This is in the shade Light but is still a little dark for me (no surprises there) but I’m hoping it blends out well enough to not matter that much! This concealer is 1.7g, whereas a full-size would be 2.8g (and £19.50) so you get more than half of a normal one! It’s worth £11.84. You can get it here.


This is the St Tropez Instant Tanning Gloss, which is basically a fake tan that washes off. It gives you a glossy tan, which will be perfect for when I go on holiday and haven’t tanned yet! You get 30ml, which is worth £3.60. A full-size version would cost £12 for 100ml. You can get it here!


Next is a Starskin eye mask, which I was happy to recieve as my eyes aren’t cooperating with the rest of me at the moment! You’d usually get two for £8.50 so this is worth £4.25 and I’m excited to get my eyes de-puffed and de-bagged! You can pick up some Starskin masks here.


This is the Caudalie 4-in-1 moisturiser. This sample is only 15ml but you do only need a tiny bit of it for your whole face! A full-size version would be £32 so this is worth £12, and since using it my face has felt really smooth and hydrated! It also smells really natural. You can get it here.


Lastly is the full-size product! It’s an Aqua Repair serum for those of you (like me) who have issues with dehydrated skin. I’ve been using this for a few days and I really love it, it smells amazing as it has Rose Water in it and seems to be working. You get 30ml and it’s worth £39(!). You can get it here.

The LookFantastic Beauty Box is £13-15 a month (depending on how many months you order) with free delivery. If you use my referral code HELEN-R5E you’ll get some money off! If you’re quick, you can also get a free Illamasqua eyeshadow palette with 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions worth £35 if you use the code BBILLAM. Sign up here!