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This is the second month that I’ve received Love Me Beauty and already I’m considering cancelling my subscription. Not because I don’t think it’s good value (it is), but because the Edit we choose from each month doesn’t seem to be updated with many products each month. Last month saw EcoTools and skincare, and this month saw… more EcoTools and nail varnish. I’m not a nail polish fan, so I found there to be a lack of choice this month. I’ll give it one more month before I make a decision, however.

JULY 2017 love me beauty unboxing

Love Me Beauty works on a credit system. You get 60 credits a month and choose from the Edit, where different products are worth varying amounts of credits. This month’s selection was the same as last months, plus a few more bits. The subscription costs £11.95 per month if you take delivery into consideration and you generally do get a box worth more than that, depending on what you choose.

makeup bag love me beauty

The products come in a zipped and lined makeup bag each month, perfect for traveling or keeping in your handbag. I have to admit, I don’t know what I’ll do with lots of these – perhaps I can use them to package future giveaways.

love me beauty july

I then picked up a set of two double-ended eyebrushes from EcoTools. I had the six-piece starter collection from the same brand last month and loved the quality of the brushes, so I was happy to pick up some more. This mini set consists of a blending/smudging brush and a liner/shader brush. These are useful for traveling to save space or for those who want a smaller collection but still want a variety. This duo is worth £6.99 (20 credits) and you can get it from the Boots website too!*

love me beauty july

The next EcoTools brush I chose is a Skin Perfecting buffing brush for cream products, including foundation. It’s very dense and would be useful for cream contour as it’s slightly angled. It feels so soft and luxe compared to my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which is a little rough and not as dense. This brush is worth £7.99 (20 credits).

love me beauty july

Lastly, I chose a lipstick. Kat Von D cosmetics are something I haven’t tried before so thought I’d pick up one of the liquid lipsticks in the shade Outlaw, which is a bright red. The swatch on my hand lasted two days and a shower so I’m assuming it will be very long-lasting on the lips. This lipstick is a mini size at 3ml, so is worth around £7.73 (20 credits).

This month’s total value is £22.71, which is almost double what it cost me. Of course, it depends what you choose each month as it’s a personal choice, but it’s generally a lot more than the £11.95 fee.

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