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We’re in the penultimate month of my Love Me Beauty subscription, so I’m hastily using up as many extra credits as possible before I can’t use them anymore, which is why I have ten items in this month’s bag. We had a good selection to choose from in October and I actually managed to order before all the best bits all sold out. For those of you who don’t know, Love Me Beauty is a subscription service where you get give 60 credits per month to ‘spend’ in the store, and you choose your own products. It costs £8 a month (for a six-month subscription) and shipping is £2.95. You can get an extra 30 credits if you use my referral code, ‘HOLLY9928585‘.

The makeup bag we got this month was the same as last month which disappointed me more than it probably should have, but I’ll get over it. The first item I chose was a BareMinerals foundation sample in the shade Natural (which will be slightly too dark). It cost 0 credits, so I felt like I had to choose it.


The first credit-item was an EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush, which was 20 credits. This is a full-size item obviously and is worth £6.99 (you can buy it on its own in Superdrug). I’ve previously had a lot of EcoTools from Love Me Beauty and I’ve enjoyed all of it, so I’m looking forward to trying this out to buff in my foundation. I use foundation brushes a lot so I’m always happy to get some more!

ecotools blender sponge duo

I also picked out the EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo, which was 20 credits as well. This is also full-size and retails for £9.99 at Superdrug or Boots. These are interesting sponges, as they have two straight sides and a rounded end, so I’ll be interested to see how they work with different products. I’m thinking that the flat sides will be useful to get into crevices and under the eyes and might even help with baking.

nails inc claremont street

Probably my favourite pick from the Edit this month was a Nails Inc nail polish in the shade Claremont Street. I can’t find this exact shade for sale anywhere, so I think it’s either a discontinued colour or one curated specifically for subscription boxes. Nails Inc polishes are £15 each so I feel like I’ve got a steal, as it only cost me 25 credits. You can get a similar colour for £12 on another site!

sosusan love me beauty

SoSusan isn’t a brand I’ve heard of before, and a quick look on their website tells me that they’re a fairly expensive American brand (which is definitely the reason why I haven’t heard of them). I first picked up the Haute Light highlighting crayon in the shade Eggshell. It’s a pencil highlighter perfect for brightening the waterline and retails for £15 (approximately). I then chose the Statement Skin highlighting crayon which is cream stick highlighter in the shade Candlelight. This is subtle yet reflective and great for an everyday glow. This retails for £15 too. Next was two lip products – a peachy red Lip Dome tint in the shade Mango worth just over £13 and a raspberry red Lip Hybrid cheek/lip mousse in the shade Marsala, which is worth the same. All of the SoSusan products are full-size!

nuxe creme fraiche de beaute and nuxe dry oil

Lastly we have two Nuxe products. I’ve enjoyed Nuxe skincare in LookFantastic’s beauty box before (read the unboxing series here) and thought I’d get more travel-size samples to try from the brand. First I got the Dry Oil, mostly because the gold flecks looked pretty. This is a 10ml sample worth £2.90 and it claims that you can use it for a variety of purposes all over the body. I think I’ll put it on my shoulders and arms if I want a bit of extra glow! You can pick the full-size one up for £29 here. I also picked up the anti-pollution cream, as I feel like living in an industrial city can take its toll on my skin! This is a 15ml sample worth £8.50, but you can get the full-size version for £17 here.

I’m pretty happy with the selection I got this month and I’m looking forward to seeing waht my final selection will be for next month. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be replacing the service with another or just sticking to the one from now on, but I’ll be sure to update you in the new year. Again, if you do want to sign up, use the code ‘HOLLY9928585′ for 30 extra credits to spend on anything in the Edit!

If you want to see a video unboxing on my second channel, check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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