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18 months of unboxing the LookFantastic Beauty Box! I can’t believe I’ve been subscribed for a year and a half. I think I’ve only ever missed two unboxing posts – once in March this year, when I took some time off, and the very first box I got, as I didn’t know if it was any good at that point. How time flies.

If you’re new here, I unbox the LookFantastic Beauty Box every month, letting you know what’s inside and what value the contents has. I also have a discount code – it’s usually £13-15 a month (depending on the time you sign up for), but you can get some money off your first box with the referral code HELEN-R5E! Sign up here.

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lookfantastic beauty box - may 2019 - unboxing spoilers

As always, we have the LookFantastic Beauty Box magazine, which outlines the products received, plus some extra articles that suit the theme. The theme of this box, by the way, is Urban Beauty, meaning there’s some great mini articles about beauty on-the-go and anti-pollution skincare. We also receive Elle magazine each month, which is worth £4.50.

I can only see one item in the box that I can’t use, and that’s the Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri-Enrich Deep Nourishing Mask, which is for hair. As I’ve mentioned before, I follow the curly girl method which means I have to avoid certain ingredients – this mask contains a type of silicone which I can’t use on my hair. I’ll be putting this in a future giveaway! This mask is meant to help with hydration and protects against further damage and frizz (presumably by coating the hair in silicone…). This is a 30ml travel-sized product worth £2.78 (full size is 150ml and £13.90).

lookfantastic beauty box - may 2019 - unboxing spoilers

This next item is something I’m cautious of and will be hesitant to use, but I’ll still give it a go. It’s the Minetan 3 in 1 Gradual Tan Lotion. This is a body moisturiser which contains a gradual tan, which I remember using when I was a teen (I think it was called Summer something?). I also remember the orange legs. I would like slightly more tan legs as they’re currently the largest and whitest part of me (that I have on show, anyway), so maybe I’ll give it a go. This tan is meant to be natural-looking and glowy with lots of natural ingredients and is best used to extend the length of a real tan. This is a 30ml sample worth £1.67 (full size is 237ml and £17.99).

Next is some skincare. First is the Polaar Northern Light cream. I already use the Polaar under eye de-puffer, which I really like, so I was pleased to see something else from the brand in this month’s box. It’s main selling point is that it ‘harnesses the power’ of the Siberian Olive tree, which has 108 bioactive elements and lots of Vitamin C. This moisturiser claims to protect the skin from pollution, boost radiance and encourage cell regeneration. My thoughts so far are that it smells quite masculine and it’s a thick formula! This is a 25ml sample worth £17.50 (full size is 50ml and £35).

Avant is an expensive brand, so it’s always nice to see it in the LookFantastic box! This time we have the 8 Hour Anti-Oxidising and Retexturising Hyaluronic Facial Serum, which is a mouthful and a half. This is an intensive serum that addresses signs of ageing and protects against outside aggressors. It’s hydrating thanks to the hyaluronic acid and contains anti-oxidants to improve texture. This is full size at 30ml, just in slightly different packaging and worth an eye-watering £89(!!!).

Finally for skincare are these SkinChemists Rose Illuminating Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads. They’re facemasks for your undereyes! These both hydrate and refresh whilst also working to lift and illuminate eyes for a wide-awake finish. I wore these when I was stressed and liked the cooling sensation they left, but wasn’t a fan of the texture as you could easily put a nail through them and break bits off (I may have done that). This is a one-use item worth £6.99 (you’d usually get 5 for £34.99).

lookfantastic beauty box - may 2019 - unboxing spoilers

We only received one item of makeup this month and, a little disappointingly, it was a lipliner. Lipliner is one of the least-used products I have, but it’s a nice nude (the shade is Aria) from Mellow Cosmetics that will go with a lot of shades I have in my lipstick collection at least. It’s meant to be longwearing and transfer-proof despite being a creamy formula, so I’ll have to put it to the test. This is a full size item worth £10.50.

The total value of this box was bumped up extremely with the Avant serum to £132.94, which is the most ‘expensive’ box I’ve ever received. However, if the serum was swapped out for something that was worth even £20 (so more value than any other single item still), it would be worth around £63, which is more of an average amount.

If you’d like to sign up to LookFantastic Beauty Box, you can do so here, using the referral code HELEN-R5E for some money off. It’s £13-15 a month (depending on how many months you sign up for), including shipping.


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