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This month marks two years of my LookFantastic Beauty Box subscription! I’m obviously pretty happy with my subscription if I’ve received 24 boxes with no doubt about renewing the subscription for another year. If you haven’t seen any unboxings before, you can view them all here! And if you would like to sign up yourself, you can do so here. Use code HELEN-R5E if you’d like some money off your subscription!

LOOKFANTASTIC beauty box december 2018

As always, we have the month’s edition of Elle Magazine, which is worth £4.30 by itself. We get this every month and it feels like a nice added bonus treat! The other magazine is a mini ‘zine called Beauty Box, which outlines the products we receive in the box as well as other small relevant articles.

lookfantastic beauty box december 2018 pomegranate superfood brightening eye serum packaging

The first item is the Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum. As it says in the title, this is a serum designed to brighten the under eyes as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines. Pomegranate is an antioxident and it also contains raspberry seed oil to nourish as well. It has an oily feel to it and definitely brightens immediately when you put it on! This is 15ml and even comes in a nice dropper bottle. It’s worth £19, which means this one product is more expensive than the price of the whole box!

lookfantastic beauty box december 2018 - deep sleep pillow spray from this works

This is a popular product for Beauty Boxes, and something I’ve definitely received before (perhaps in Glossybox?), but unlike the other ones, this is a bigger travel size at 10ml rather than 5ml! ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is what it says – a pillow spray that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It has lavender, chamomile and vetiver in it which helps you to relax. This is worth £2.40, as it’s usually £18 for 75ml.

lookfantastic beauty box december 2018 - grow gorgeous scalp detox

Unfortunately this next product isn’t Curly Girl Method friendly (you can see what that’s about here) so I’ve popped it in a giveaway – you can enter that if you’d like to! It’s a pre-wash treatment which confuses me – surely that’s what shampoo is for? But it apparently helps prevent product build-up and helps with exfoliating your scalp. This is a 50ml sample; it’s usually in a 190ml tub for £28. That means it’s worth £7.37!

lookfantastic beauty box december 2018 - limited edition lookfantastic beauty blender sponge

Now, I know this is just a sponge, but I love sponges. It’s how I prefer to do my face products, so I always need another! This one feels SO solid, so it’s not my favourite, but it did apply my foundation and concealer in the normal way, so I can’t complain too much. This is obviously full size, but you can’t buy this separately. I’ll say it’s worth £6, like the Real Techniques sponge, but that’s a guess!

lookfantastic beauty box december 2018 - karl lagerfield x model co eyebrow pencil

This is probably the item I’m most excited for in this month’s box! This is an eyebrow pencil from the ModelCo x Karl Lagerfield collaboration in the shade Medium/Dark, which is the perfect brown shade for me. The pencil itself is exactly like a lipliner (it can even be sharpened) – it has the creamy soft texture like lipliners do and it works really well as a brow product. It’s full size, obviously, and worth £22!

Finally, we have the Illamasqua Hydra Veil, which is my all-time favourite primer. We actually got this in my first ever LookFantastic Beauty Box, which is a nice throwback. I was saying the other day how I needed to buy myself a new one, but now I can wait a little longer. This is the 7ml travel size one worth £6.18 – the full size is 30ml and £34(!).

Again, if you do want to sign up for LookFantastic’s beauty box subscription, you can do so here (and use the code HELEN-R5E for some money off).


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