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(If you haven’t seen my video unboxing, you should probably go and watch that, because it’s brilliant, honestly.)

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LookFantastic has never let me down. I’m always happy with my box each month, even if there’s a product or two that I won’t be able to use, or I wouldn’t have picked up normally. I think it’s excellent value for money at only £13 per month, which includes delivery; we always so much for our money each time. If you do want to sign up, you can do so here and using the code HELEN-R5E will give you some money off your subscription!

This month’s theme was Pretty in Paradise, which is obvious by the design on the box – the palm trees lined with gold definitely makes me think of a holiday in paradise… an island somewhere, where I can drink cocktails and sunbathe by a glistening pool until the sun sets. I’m getting holiday withdrawal.

As always, we got this month’s copy of Elle magazine, an extra touch which makes all the difference. It would be a great pool-side read, too. We also get LookFantastic’s own Beauty Box magazine, which is a mini ‘zine that talks about the products we received as well as having mini articles relevant to the box’s theme in there too. It’s a nice added bonus that the product list isn’t just on a postcard or pamphlet.

We received seven items this month, one of those being a ‘bonus’ item not mentioned in the Beauty Box ‘zine:

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

This beauty shot contains Vitamin C and Collagen and is a 15ml mini-drink you would take daily. We only get the one shot, but if you wanted to purchase a full-size version (ten shots in one pack) it would set you back £32.99. However, this one-use sample is worth £3.30. I have to admit, I’m a little wary of this, as vitamins don’t tend to taste great in tablet form and this drink is sugar-free. We’ll see. I’ll be testing this out in a Live Stream over on my YouTube channel, so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to be there for that!

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

The next product you also put into your mouth, but this is something different – a toothpaste! We’ve never had a toothpaste in the LFBeautyBox before (that I’ve seen, anyway), so this one was interesting to receive. It claims to whiten teeth which is exactly what I need at the moment considering the amount of coffee I’ve been drinking over the past few weeks, so I shall let you know in next month’s unboxing whether it worked or not. The full-size product is 75ml and £10. This is a 14ml sample; so worth just £1.40.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

I’m not usually over-the-moon about getting hair products as my hair is pretty fussy, but I was joyous when I saw this. Moroccan Oil is not only expensive,  but it’s one of the only brands that my hair actually agrees with! I’m looking forward to geiving this a go, especially as it says it will help with manageability and frizz – I’m in dire need of that. This is a sample but a pretty generous one at 75ml. I thought it was full-size until I saw that they are sold at 300ml and almost £25! This sample is worth about £6.11.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

The next item is an absolute essential in the summer, and even all-year-round. The Mimitika face sunscreen is 50SPF and will protect the skin on your face from harmful sunrays, which can cause burning, premature aging and pigmentation. SPF should be the most important step in your skincare routine and this handbag-friendly pot means you can easily take it with you on days out or holidays. You can even wear makeup over the top without issue, as it’s been especially formulated for your face. There’s 10ml in here, making it a sample worth £2.80 (the full-size version is £14 for 50ml).

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

We quite often get Toners in the LookFantastic beauty box, so I wasn’t surprised to see this Chamomile one from Cowshed. I was disappointed, however, as the Beauty Box magazine said it was a spritz-on toner, whereas this sample has a generic pouring lid, meaning we don’t get to test the product fully as it is meant to be used. I’m sure, though, that it will work just as well on a cotton pad to refresh the skin. As I said, this is a sample at 50ml (which is a decent size anyway), but the full-size version is priced at £16 for 250ml, meaning this is worth £3.20.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

This is one of two makeup products we received in this month’s box. I searched high and low for this bronzer on the ‘net, but couldn’t find it anywhere, meaning I don’t have a value for this particular product, but it is 8g and full-size. I think it may be slightly too dark for me and the bronzer does have a slight golden sheen to it (shimmery bronzers aren’t my favourite to use) but it’s nice to try anyway and I’m sure many people will get some use out of it.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing july 2017

Lastly, we have a product from a brand we’ve seen before – the Jelly Pong Pong Bare Necessities Highlight Crayon. This is a 4in1 product that you can use to highlight, conceal, waterline and prime the lids, but I find it a little too pink-toned to highlight or conceal with. I will definitely try using this on my waterline and as an eye primer, though. This is another full-size product and is worth about £13.90 (converted from $17.95).

So I can’t give an overall value for the box as the bronzer cannot be found anywhere, but without it, the July LookFantastic Beauty Box is worth £30.71, making it the lowest in value I’ve ever received (unless the bronzer is over £15, which I doubt). Despite it’s low value, I’m still impressed with the selection, especially the Moroccan Oil. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

If you do want to sign up for the monthly subscription box, you can do so here and if you use the referral code HELEN-R5E you will get money off!

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