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It’s unboxing time again! This month’s #LFBeautyBox theme was ‘Natural Beauty’ and all about enhancing natural features to emphasise the beauty you were born with. This box may not be my favourite, as I wasn’t born with any natural beauty. It’s all fake.

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As always, we got this month’s copy of Elle alongside LookFantastic’s Beauty Box magazine, which has all about the products as well as other articles and about other products on the site. I like getting a mini magazine rather than just a postcard or a sheet of paper with the products on it.

Inside the box this month we got SEVEN items! Usually we only get six, but I think it’s because there are more samples than usual. I’m not complaining, because you still get deluxe samples rather than just the ones you can get for free. Let’s delve straight in.


First is the Cleansing Foam by Omorovicza. This is a natural cleanser for washing your face and keeping your skin blemish-free. This is a deluxe sample at 25ml, but it would usually be 150ml and £44(!!). The value of this sample is £7.33.

sorry for the weird black boxes! not sure why it does that

Next we have the Caviar CC Cream (for hair) by Averna. This is a 10in1 formula that will help repair and protect your hair! You get 25ml of this rather than the 74ml you’d get with the full-size product at £26, making it worth £8.78.


Thirdly we have the Cherry-scented hand gel by Merci Handy. This is such a cute size, perfect for your handbag! It has cleansing pearls within it which helps with dryness on your skin. It’s 30ml, which is full-sized. These will set you back just £2.50ish (it’s 2.90 in euros from their website).


Next is the only sample that seems a bit small, but as we have seven items this month I’m classing this as a ‘bonus’. It’s the Thisworks Perfect Legs serum. This helps with evening out the skin and can actually be used all over your body, not just your legs. You get 10ml of this rather than the 120ml in a full-size product, so it’s worth about £3.08 rather than £37.

again, sorry for the black boxes! when i upload to wordpress sometimes it goes like that!

The Fine Line Day Cream by Madara is next. This is meant to help with wrinkles and give your skin some nutrients. You get 20ml (worth £14) in this deluxe sample. The full-size product would be 50ml and £35.


Next is the only makeup product we received in the beauty box this month. This is the Laura Geller powder foundation. It’s in the shade Fair, which is unfortunately too dark for my porcelain skin, but you can get the porcelain shade online! This is the ‘balance and brighten’ foundation, which means you look bright and not all powdered down. This is a sample at 1.8g, whereas the full-size is 9g and £26, meaning this is worth £5.20.


Lastly (and my personal favourite) is a Vitamasques Pomegranate face mask. This is full-sized (obviously) and is worth £3.99. The mask has 3 layers to it that deeply penetrate your skin in order to hydrate it. I’ll be testing this in a vlog!

The total worth of the box this month is £45, which is less than usual because the full-sized items are cheaper, but we did get one more product than usual! If you want to sign up to the LookFantastic Beauty Box, it’s just £13 a month and you can do so here. Use my referral code ‘HELEN-R5E‘ for money off!

I always recommend the #LFBeautyBox to everyone because you get a variety of products and you get the chance to test out some new and possibly unheard-of products! Let me know what you think! Below is the YouTube version of this post where I talk about each product in more detail!



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