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Welcome back to another LookFantastic Beauty Box unboxing! This month’s theme was Around the World, so I was expecting a lot of products from international brands, or products that contain ingredients from around the globe. Let’s see what’s inside!

If you’re new to my unboxings, I do them every month. You can sign up to the LookFantastic Beauty Box here, for just £13-15 a month depending on how many months you sign up for. You can also get some money off using the Referral code HELEN-R5E.

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elle magazine

The first thing, as always, was Elle magazine (worth £4.50) and the Beauty Box magazine, which details the products we receive in the box and has relevant articles to the theme. Elle magazine isn’t something I’d pick up for myself, but it’s a nice ‘freebie’ anyway.

bumble and bumble go big thickening treatment

There’s one item I can’t use in this month’s box, and that’s the Bumble & Bumble Go Big Treatment. This is a 30ml sample size worth £2.88, whereas the full size is £24 for 250ml. It contains silicone, which means I can’t put it on my hair (due to the Curly Girl method), but I honestly don’t need a treatment that adds volume to my hair – I have enough of that already!

svr topialyse palpebrale eye cream

The next item is quite a strange skincare item. I hadn’t heard of both the brand nor the product idea before, but it’s an eye cream for itchy eyes. It’s called the SVR Topialyse Palpebrale Dry Sensitive Eye Cream. It acts as a normal moisturising eye cream as well, but its main function is to sooth itchy, sensitive eyes. I’m going to offer it to my husband, who suffers with itchy eyes. This is a 15ml full-size product worth £15.

filorga firming creme

We’ve had a few products from Filorga before in the LookFantastic box, but this one’s a new one for me. This is the Filorga Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Creme. This brand is usually really expensive, so I wasn’t surprised to see the full size would be worth a crazy £65 for 50ml. This one’s only a 7ml sample worth £5.38. The Beauty Box magazine says it’s worth £9.10, but I don’t know where they pulled that number from. The cream claims to reduce signs of ageing, with visibly tighter and plumper skin.

korres softening soap chamomile

My cat decided he liked this one. It’s the Korres Softening Soap in the Chamomile scent. This is a mostly-natural soap, that works in the same way as any other soap in existence. I’m not sure what else I can say about this one! It’s a full-size soap (obviously) worth £5.50.

ecooking peeling mask

This product scares me. It literally says ‘NO PANIC’ on the top of it, which obviously makes me apnic. It’s a peeling mask from ECooking, which is Danish brands that says their skincare is ‘food for your skin’ (just don’t actually eat it). This peeling mask has various acids that buffs away dead skin cells for a radiant complexion. It’s 50ml and £37 usually, but this is a 15ml sample worth £11.10.

bioeffect egf serum

Finally (I know, no makeup this month!) is the Bioeffect EGF serum. EGF is apparently a protein that they’re replicated to be plant-based, and it works to be anti-ageing in that it reduces wrinkles and lines, whilst boosting radiance. This is a teeny 3ml sample worth £25; the full-size is 15ml and an eye-watering £125!

This is one of my least favourite boxes. I don’t mind the skincare we received (other than the soap…) but I do prefer to get mostly makeup in the LookFantastic box. I was hoping for some international brands of makeup that are a little trickier to get in the UK, but I was disappointed. The total worth of this box was £69.36 which is a decent value, though! If you do want to sign up (they’re usually better than this), it’s £13-15 per month and you can get some money off using HELEN-R5E as your referral code, here.


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