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It’s the month of love, so I wasn’t surprised to find a Valentine’s-themed #LFBeautyBox on my doorstep in February. After an underwhelming January, I had high hopes for this month’s selection. Will I find new products to love? Or will I dump them after a disappointing first try? Read on to find out!

P.S. There’s a discount code for money off your subscription at the end of this post! Some of the links are affiliate.


lookfantastic beauty box unboxing (february 2018) #lfbeautybox

As always, we get the month’s issue of Elle, which (as I always say) is an extra treat to go with all the beauty bits. I always end up reading a magazine when I do my weekly face mask. It’s not a magazine I’d usually pick up from Asda as it’s quite expensive and is full of expensive fashion I wouldn’t wear, but it’s nice to get it for free. The Beauty Box mini magazine has a few articles about various products and beauty-related techniques that subtly promote the LookFantastic website and its contents. It also gives you spoilers of what’s in the box and how to apply them, as well as a sneak peek of next month’s theme.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing february 2018 #lfbeautybox

The first thing I pulled out of the box was the Dr PawPaw Original Balm, which is a 10ml sample (the full-size is 25ml). The balm is multipurpose, much like the infamous Glossier Balm Dotcom and can be used on the lips, skin, nails and face. The main ingredient (fermented PawPaw) is said to be one of ‘nature’s finest remedies’ and is fragrance free. LookFantastic’s website says that ‘the balm has a plethora of uses; it’s perfect as a skin protector, moisturiser, nappy cream, lip finisher, for sun burn, skin irritations, as a hair conditioner and for any other skin related purpose you can think of’. A random use I thought of: anti-nipple chafing. Perfect.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing february 2018 #lfbeautybox

Look how adorable this packaging is! It’s been a while since we’ve had Trifle Cosmetics in the #LFBeautyBox, but I was glad to see it in this month’s selection! This is the Trifle Cosmetics Sugar Pear Sublime Lip Scrub, which is your standard lip scrub in a tube instead of a pot. This lip scrub is toffee-scented with pear extract (sounds delicious already) and has sugar ‘crumbs’ to exfoliate as well as Cacao Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Pecan Seed Oil to nourish the lips. This is a full-size product at 10ml and it has the added bonus of being cruelty-free, vegan, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Wow!

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing - february 2018 - #lfbeautybox

This Meso-Mask by Filorga is actually something I’ve had before, but in the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar from 2017. Luckily, I really enjoyed using it, so I don’t mind that I have another! This is a sample size product at 15ml (the full size is 50ml) but you can still get a good few applications from the one tube. It’s an anti-wrinkle, radiance mask so it will (hopefully) make your fine lines reduced and boost your natural glow. The LookFantastic website says ‘the delicate cream texture delivers a veil of moisture onto skin… evens tone and brightens… improves skin density for a younger-looking, more resilient complexion. Effectively treating wrinkles and signs of tiredness… plumper, smoother appearance that looks fresh and radiant’.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing - february 2018 - #lfbeautybox

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream was our next treat, which is an anti-wrinkle day cream. Again, this is a sample at 15ml (compared to the full size at 50ml). It contains fancy-sounding ingredients such as ‘Padina Pavonica’, Shea Butter and, erm, Carrot Extract. These ingredients are meant to firm, increase elasticity, nourish, reduce wrinkles and repair damage. LookFantastic’s website says ‘this rich cream contains anti-oxidant properties that provide an accelerated lifting effect through increased collagen support. Cell renewal, elasticity and firmness is increased and hydration and moisture levels are improved in your skin’. Fancy!lookfantastic beauty box unboxing - february 2018 - #lfbeautybox

We’ve had quite a lot of Caudalie in the #LFBeautyBox previously, and I’ve always enjoyed using it! This is the Caudalie VinoSauce S.O.S Thirst Quencing Serum. Another sample at 10ml (full size is 30ml) which is a little small, but Caudalie’s samples have always been a little small compared to others. I do love a hydrating serum and this one claims to diffuse water deep within the skin’s layers as it sinks in throughout the day (or night) which restores moisture and and keeps skin soft. It contains ingredients such as grape water, hyaluronic acid and various antioxidents.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing - february 2018 - #lfbeautybox

Finally, a makeup item! This is a Bellápierre Cosmetics Shimmer Roll, which is exactly what it says on the tube – a rollerball applicator of shimmer! It’s a warm gold shimmer which will look pretty as a body highlight in the summer. It’s a little too deep to be used on my cheekbones, but hopefully I’ll gain a tan when it gets a little warmer! I think this is a full-size product – they didn’t have this on their website singularly to check – but if not, it’s a very generous sample!


We pay £13 a month (with free shipping) for the #LFBeauty box! If you sign up here and use the code HELEN-R5E, you get a few quid off your first box – great if you want to test the subscription service out for a month before you sign up for longer! But how much value do you get for your £13? Well…

Dr PawPaw Balm (10ml): £2.78 full size would be £6.95/25ml

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Scrub: £12.80

Filorga Meso-Mask (15ml): £12 full size would be £40/50ml

Elemis Day Cream (15ml): £24  full size would be £80/50ml

Caudalie Serum (10ml): £9.67 full size would be £29/30ml

Bellápierre Shimmer Roll: £5.94 $50 for a set of 6

Elle Magazine: £4.30

All together that works out as a £71.49 value! And considering we pay just £13 a month, that’s an absolute bargain and a brilliant way of testing out new products, or skincare that would be too expensive to purchase usually. I think it’s a great box and well worth the money.



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