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Another month, another unboxing! This month’s theme was Runway Ready, due to Fashion Week in February, so I was excited about what catwalk-esque products I’d get in the #LFBeautyBox this time. Details for subscribing will be at the bottom of this post!!

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Each month you get a copy of Elle Magazine and LookFantastic’s own Beauty Box magazine, which tells you about new products and the products inside the box! I think it’s a nice added touch and is better than just a postcard like other subscription boxes. This month got six products – three full-size products and three generous samples. I’ll go through each product and the prices so you can get an idea about how much the box is worth!

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA

This is a full-size product and is usually £4.90 on The Ordinary’s website. It’s a very thick moisturiser and sort of reminds me of nappy cream that I use for new tattoos! It claims to hydrate and plump the skin without feeling heavy or oily, which I agree with. I’ve been using it for a few days and I do feel hydrated!

lfbeauty box february 2017

MyVitamins Catwalk Queen

This was quite an odd one to receive! You get 30 tablets which is half of the usual amount (60 for £12.99), but you’re supposed to take two tablets a day, which is 15 days of use. The vitamins claim to effortlessly boost your hair, skin and nails, which I do desperately need! The only bad side of this so far is that the vitamins smell really bad, and they’re huge! You can buy the full-size product on LookFantastic by clicking here*.

lfbeauty box february 2017

Polaar Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser

This roll-on is full-size (but in cheaper packaging) and is not something I’ve ever thought about using before, but I’m pleased I got it! It claims to reawaken and refresh your eyes and de-puff them due to its cooling feel. It will also help with dark circles, which is something I desperately need at the moment! This is £20.50 on LookFantastic which is pretty expensive but I’m guessing it’ll work wonders. It feels nice and cool on my undereyes and does make me look less tired. *You can buy it here.

lfbeauty box february 2017

Borghese Fango Brillante Brightening Mud Mask

This is obviously a one-use sample (which I don’t mind because it means I can try before I buy) and is a mask for face and body. It’s a generous size for one-use so I’m looking forward to trying this. They are meant to refine your complexion and give you brighter and healthier skin. I’m looking forward to trying this on Facemask Friday. You can buy a full-size pot of this (222ml) for £22.55 *by clicking here.

lfbeauty box february 2017

This Works Stress Check 

This is another generous sample at 5ml (you’d usually get 8ml for £16) and is for calming stress and anxiety. You roll it on your pulse points and breathe deeply and the scents and oils in this help fight tension and even insomnia. I am quite stressed at the moment due to illness and lots of work, so I’m hoping that this will help! *You can purchase this here.

ModelCo Eyelites

This is actually an exclusive so you can’t buy this product anywhere. It’s a creamy eyeshadow that dries down completely – so no creasing on the lid – and is a metallic warm gold colour. ModelCo is coming to LookFantastic soon so keep an eye out!

My final thoughts are mainly positive. The #LFBeautyBox is £13 a month (with free shipping) and you do get a lot of product for your money, but this month’s box isn’t my favourite! I really like the products but I probably won’t use the eyeshadow or vitamins unfortunately. I’m looking forward to testing everything out, though!

If you want to subscribe to the LookFantastic Beauty Box, you can do so by *clicking here! If you use my code HELEN-R5E you can get some money off your order as well!

If you want to watch me unboxing everything on YouTube, the link is below. Make sure to subscribe as well!



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