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January has taken its time to draw to a close, hasn’t it?! It feels like Christmas is just a fleeting memory, not something that happened a few weeks ago. Perhaps because it’s the Monday of the year, but I am glad to be heading into February and leaving January behind.

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to create my monthly Edits – a mixture of product favourites, other things I’ve been loving, a life update and any other bits and pieces I want to include. It’ll be a great way to summarise my month and something interesting to look back on in the future.


january favourites january favouritesknow I bought a lot of makeup in December and January, but I’m not sure where it’s all gone because I struggled coming up with a lot of options for this month’s favourites. Usually I have a basket filled to the brim with new products to share, but perhaps it’s a sign that I need to prioritise quality over quantity and find some investment pieces to rave about next month, instead of buying everything.

However, I did get some really beautiful makeup items that I had to share: The Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette is beautiful (in quality and in looks) and the Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics is the perfect everyday palette. For something more of a bargain, the new Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded palettes and Conceal & Define concealer have been savvy purchases! Another couple of concealers I can’t live without right now are the Bioaqua Love Soul concealer and Essence Camouflage Concealer – both are amazingly priced and such great quality considering. Also from Essence is their liquid eyeshadows – these are Stila dupes and are just as good as the high-end version. Pigmented, long-wearing and transfer-proof as well as looking absolutely stunning on the lids! Finally, I’m feeling in a lipgloss mood lately and when I picked up the MySign Collection ‘Air’ lipglosses, I fell in love straight away. I have never used a lipgloss that was so pigmented and un-sticky. Just beautiful!


the january edit

I am a beauty AND lifestyle blog, after all. This month I’ve really got into using Bloglovin’ to find and follow bloggers. I like being able to read blogs from all platforms and all in one handy place. The wordpress reader feels so clunky and non-user-friendly now! If you’re not already following me, you should be… I currently have 1200 followers on wordpress and a whole TWELVE on Bloglovin’. Help a girl out! Bloglovin’ has encouraged me to take better pictures and focus on the more editorial side of my content, rather than the reviews and SEO-friendly stuff. It may not be what gets me hits, but actually enjoying what I’m writing has been so much fun.

The Instagram account I’m obsessing over is @luanna, who is actually more of a rediscovery than a recent find. During my time at college I obsessed over her blog ( and made my fashion purchases 100% inspired by her. Whilst browsing for some #OOTDs, I found a snap from her account and began obsessing over her fashion yet again. She even has a YouTube channel now, which I love.


january edit

the january edit

So, despite January being the month that never ended, I don’t feel like much really happened. I’ve been working a lot, feeling both under and overwhelmed and generally not getting the stuff done that I need to.

In mid-January, we lost a Guinea Pig. Sweet Pea was a rescue piggy (alongside his brother, Corn Cob) and we’re not sure quite why he died as we don’t think they were very old, but unfortunately it was his time to go. So Corn Cob doesn’t get lonely, we bought him a new friend who we have named Cabbage, due to his chewed ears. They’ve been introduced but aren’t sharing a cage just yet.

Probably the biggest piece of news I’ve been holding in is the fact that we bought a house! We started things off in October, but these things take ages and it wasn’t complete until mid-January. We bought the house we were currently renting, which means no moving houses and changing addresses, thankfully. It’s not where we want to be forever, but we are planning to renovate all of the rooms (except the kitchen) and sell on in 3 years or so, if all goes to plan. I’ve been enjoying planning out my new beauty room, especially.

At the beginning of the month, I started Slimming World! I didn’t actually lose weight for the first two weeks, but the third week I managed to lose 4lbs (even though I was quite off-plan that week). I found that I wasn’t eating enough at first, but now I’ve settled into a system that seems to work for me. We’ll see at the next weigh-in! I might do a weight loss journey post in a few months time, if I’ve actually lost a significant amount. I’m aiming for 4 stone by the end of 2018, but I’ve been wanting to lost 4 stone for nearly 3 years…


january everyday makeup

WATCHING /  I’ve just started Stranger Things and just finished Once Upon A Time (the latest season) / READING / Blogs on Bloglovin’ / PLAYING / Jurassic World on mobile and Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch / WEARING / Layers. It’s freezing in my house! I live in jumpers but I’m looking forward to the Spring when I can reinvent my wardrobe / USING / A variety of cleansers. I’m trying to find one that I’ll really enjoy using / EATING / Healthily but with a small treat each day so I don’t binge / LISTENING TO / I haven’t listened to music in ages, but I love putting Flabaliki‘s Cities: Skylines videos on in the background whilst I’m writing /


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