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Is it just me, or did November last almost as long as January did? January seems like a thousand years ago, but also this year has gone quick at the same time. Not sure how that works, but that’s how I feel. Except for this month (and January, I suppose), which lasted longer than all the previous months combined. Perhaps it’s because it’s been a busy month? It fully feels like Christmas is just around the corner now. I’ve done half of my Christmas shopping for Chris (I haven’t started anyone else’s yet) and we’re planning our Christmas road trip to visit my parents, too.

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to create my monthly Edits – a mixture of product favourites, other things I’ve been loving, a life update and any other bits and pieces I want to include. It’ll be a great way to summarise my month and something interesting to look back on in the future. Links are affiliated.


monthly edit november

I didn’t get too much makeup this month, as I’m trying to save a little bit more for Christmas. I did buy some things for review, including a whole load of Colourpop! I’ve never tried any before and I was a little disappointed about how it performed. I did love, however, the Lippie Stix and Luxe Lipsticks. It was a lot of money to only like two things, but I guess you have to try these things. I also bought the James Charles palette from Morphe, which was stressful (the site was so busy and it sold out within 4 minutes!). I’m glad I got it though, the quality is insane. I compared it to the 39a and 35B and ended up selling the 35B afterwards, which goes to show how good it was. I’ve been banging on about the Revolution Jewel lip toppers in loads of videos, which I’m sure people are getting sick off, but I love putting them over the top of matte lippies to make it glossy and sparkly. Very festive! I also like using them on no-makeup days as an upgrade to a clear gloss. Finally, have you smelt the new I Heart Revolution Peaches & Cream Fixing spray? Oh my goodness, it smells DIVINE. Sort-of like fancy hair products and peach fizzy sweets combined. Yum.

Revolution Jewel Lip Toppers / £4 / /
I Heart Revolution Peaches & Cream Fixing Spray / £6 / /


monthly edit november

For my birthday, Chris (my husband), bought me a Kindle and a book to go with it. I chose a book I’ve seen recommended a lot – This Is Going To Hurt – which is the diaries of a Junior Doctor. It really opened my eyes to how hard Doctors work and it was really amusing and touching in places. I really do recommend reading it yourself.

Also, as much as I loved having green hair last month, I’m really happy to be back to red hair. Does that count as a lifestyle fave? It does need a top up – there’s still a few bits of green peeking through – but I’ll get to that before Christmas, I’m sure.


monthly edit november

The bathroom has come along slightly more than last month! As well as a new toilet, we’ve also painted the walls (three white, one blue) and even installed a new sink, which I love. Next on the list is a new bath, then new flooring. I’m not sure if we’ll do that straight away, as it’s quite expensive and Christmas is soon, but it’s getting there, which is the main thing.

I turned twenty-four this month, which was really quite strange. I talked about my feelings in this post. I’m not sure why it affected me so negatively this year, but I’ve noticed that I’ve started to adult a bit more since my birthday. I got excited about buying Pine-scented bleach! What’s wrong with me?


monthly edit november

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monthly edit november

WATCHING /  I’m A Celeb! It’s the highlight of my year, every year READING / Nothing at the moment as I’m broke, but I do have a book called Second Life on my shelf that I’m yet to read / PLAYING / We’re trying to 100% the DC Super Villians Lego game on xbox one / WEARING / I got a really cute tartan skirt in Primark that I want to wear every day, but I get pissed off with tights / USING / I’m trying to use a different palette every day at the moment, so lots of new things! / EATING / I just made some brownies, which are delicious / LISTENING TO / Thank u, Next


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