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MAY EDIT / 2019

MAY EDIT / 2019

May has been a strange month for me. We went away twice, I made a huge life decision and my world collapsed around me for a while. Months like these were made to test us, and tested I really feel. I’m looking forward to a fresh start in June, that’s for sure.

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to create my monthly Edits – a mixture of product favourites, other things I’ve been loving, a life update and any other bits and pieces I want to include. It’ll be a great way to summarise my month and something interesting to look back on in the future. Links are affiliated.


Nip+Fab Blurring Mist / £15 /
Elf Wow Brow Gel / £4 /
Certifeye Affinity 2 Palette / £30 /

Although I’ve bought a lot of makeup this month for videos, I haven’t found many absolute loves (some of it has yet to be used, so perhaps we should wait until next month to see those). The two products I have truly enjoyed using, however, are the Nip+Fab Blurring Mist, which is a setting spray, and the Elf Wow Brow gel, which is a Gimme Brow dupe. Both behave like more expensive products and deserve some more attention online. A shoutout also needs to go to the Certifeye Affinity 2 palette. Look at that delicious colourscheme!

image of old town in estonia

Oh. Boy. Where do I begin? At the beginning of the month I travelled down south to visit my parents for a few days. I had a lot of work to get done beforehand and ended up stressed it made me physically ill. It didn’t help that just a week later, we went on holiday to Tallinn, Estonia. It was a lovely few days away (there’s a blog post about my trip here). On one of the days, I noticed my views on YouTube had significantly dropped, as had my subscriber number. I wasn’t gaining even a third of what I usually would. I had a breakdown – I wanted to quit, I sobbed over my failure and I just had a Bad Time in general.

Cut forward to today and I’m going part-time. I’m halving my uploads (that means the blog too, sorry) and focusing on getting some paid freelance work, writing my book and job-hunting. I previously job-searched for two years solid without any luck and I don’t have any work experience, so I’m going to need a miracle.


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WATCHING /  We finished Game of Thrones (sob) and re-watched series 1-4 of BBC’s Sherlock. I want more Sherlock please! READING / I just bought Louise Pentland’s second Wilde book on Kindle / PLAYING / Lots of Sims 4 as I bought another expansion and stuff pack! / WEARING / Leggings. I’ve been a bit sad this month and pyjamas or leggings have been my go-to / USING / Water-based lube as a hair serum / EATING We had three takeaways in one week last week… / LISTENING TO / I haven’t really been in the music-listening mood!

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  • Sorry to hear you’ve been so down lately, but maybe doing a little less online stuff might help you refocus yourself. As far as the views and followers I don’t really think you should get too upset, but I suppose it is easier said than done. I have a YouTube channel and I don’t get a lot of views/likes or comments really, but such is life. I can’t edit any of my stuff sooo… Hopefully you will find some peace and happiness for yourself again. ♥


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