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JULY EDIT / 2018

JULY EDIT / 2018

Oh. My. God. When will this heat end?! If you’re in the UK, I’m sure you’ve seen/heard all over social media that we’re currently suffering our longest, hottest summer since the ’70s. It has been over 25°C for weeks, even reaching 36°C at one point. That is unheard of for us; the most summer we get is a few 22°C days sporadically throughout June-August. Our grass is basically all yellow now. Our houses are built for keeping heat in, so no A/C. There’s a water shortage. Help us. Anyway, here’s the July Edit.

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to create my monthly Edits – a mixture of product favourites, other things I’ve been loving, a life update and any other bits and pieces I want to include. It’ll be a great way to summarise my month and something interesting to look back on in the future. Links are affiliates.


beauty favourites - monthly edit july

Revolution Fast Base Concealer / £5 / REVOLUTIONBEAUTY.COM

I managed to spend a lot of money on makeup again this month, somehow, which means there’s a lot of new products that I’ve been loving! MUA recently released a bunch of new products, including bronzers. I have two of them, a warmer-toned one and a cool one, which is perfect for my fair skin. They aren’t too pigmented so great for me, as I prefer subtle bronzer. Revolution launched a new concealer to go with their Fast Base foundation stick! This one is an under-eye brightener that has a sponge tip applicator, meaning quick and easy coverage. I have the shade 0.5 which is pink-toned and very fair, so it highlights my under eyes nicely. The brow gel from Barry M is a new and unexpected love! It’s basically a Benefit Gimme Brow dupe, providing the ‘extra hair’ effect on your brows. Perfect for fluffy brows.


lifestyle favourites - monthly edit july

I have some new jeans from Primark that I’ve been wearing way too often (they probably need washing), but I love them! They’re a skinny mid-rise fit with frayed ankles and a black and white stripe down the side. They’re just a bit more interesting than your standard jeans, so I’ve really been enjoying wearing them paired with my pointy Primark shoes from last month.

This candle is from Primark, and although I haven’t lit it, it smells divine, sort of like a posh men’s body spray. I love the aesthetic of it too, which is why I haven’t burned through it yet! As it’s from Primark, and they tend to go through stock quickly, I doubt I’ll be able to replace it with another when I finally do decide to light it.


the monthly edit july

This was my first full month of filming and working in my new beauty room! It’s been lovely to have my own space to work in, but there have been a few minor issues – the rug kept on slipping so I’ve removed it and I’m planning to put it downstairs when we decorate the dining room. I also dropped lipstick on my carpet, and although I used hairspray to remove the majority of it, there’s still a faint stain there that I can see!

Halfway through July, I started doing the Curly Girl method! There will be a dedicated blog post and video to this in a few weeks, but so far it’s seeming to make my hair a lot easier to brush, keep the shine and nice curls in place longer and reduce the frizz! We’ll see how things go.


monthly edit july

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the monthly edit july

WATCHING /  OITNB Series 6 has just released on Netflix, so you bet we’re halfway through already / READING / I have a backlog of magazines to get through, and two books on the way from Amazon, but nothing right now / PLAYING / We just finished Human Fall Flat / WEARING / Just underwear, the house is so warm / USING / an Olay serum for bright skin / EATING / Too much, I need a diet / LISTENING TO / I’ve just got Spotify, so I’ve been listening to the 80s, 90s and 00s playlists.


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