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Whilst January felt like it lasted three millennia, February seemed to finish faster than my ex-boyfriend. It’s been an odd month despite feeling so short, and I do have a few things to talk about in the Edit today!

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to create my monthly Edits – a mixture of product favourites, other things I’ve been loving, a life update and any other bits and pieces I want to include. It’ll be a great way to summarise my month and something interesting to look back on in the future.


february edit: the beauty favourites


Skin79 BB Cream / £20 / LookFantastic
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I didn’t seem to buy much makeup in February except for a full face of MUA and Primark for a couple of testing videos. I also did a HUGE declutter towards the middle of the month, so I was testing a lot of products before I did that rather than buying new bits, but I do have a few favourites.

My favourite product from the Testing Primark Makeup video I did towards the beginning of the month was the Skinny Brow Pencil. This is a push up micro brow product like the NYX alternative but was just £2 instead! It makes my brows look really natural and I can be really precise with them. From my Testing MUA Makeup video, I really loved the Velvet Lip Lacquers (my personal favourite is the shade Sizzle) and also the Prism Liquid Highlighters (mine is in the shade Sun Haze). The liquid highlighter is subtle but looks really natural on the skin so I’ve been using it on ‘no makeup makeup’ days, especially as I don’t tend to enjoy powder highlights on a regular basis.

Some old favourites I’ve been enjoying using are the Skin79 BB Cream (flawless natural-looking skin!) and the Primark velvet lip crayons, which have been my favourites since November 2016. I particularly love the shade Super Nude and Ballerina at the moment as nude lips are my go-to!


february edit: the lifestyle favourites

I’ve been reading a lot more over the past month; I think I’ve read four or five books so far this year already. My favourite out of all of them is The Girl Before by JP Delaney. I’d heard a few good reviews about the book and just had to pick it up when I saw it was just £5 on Amazon and I’m so glad I did! It’s a psychological thriller and despite that not being the typical genre of book I’d go for, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed The Girl on the Train, which is saying something. Perhaps that genre is what I enjoy most.

Instead of buying makeup this month, I’ve been buying clothes! An upcoming new season always puts me in the mood to refresh my wardrobe, so I’ve been picking up bits and pieces from Primark, New Look and ASOS to create some new outfits appropriate for Spring. It started to get colder again just as I was willing to experiment with some warmer clothing choices, so they’re currently sitting in my wardrobe impatiently, but I’ll get around to wearing them eventually. My favourite pieces include a denim skirt and some mustard yellow heels.


february edit - aquarium

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, February has thrown in some surprises despite feeling like it was just a few days long. We had Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day in the middle (we actually combined the two days and cooked pancakes with wine) and then it was our wedding anniversary on the 27th. Chris treated himself to a tattoo (well, getting his outline tattoo coloured in) and we had a Chinese takeaway and visited an aquarium. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since our wedding!

As I said in my Lifestyle Faves, I’m loving fashion right now. I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to lose yet (honestly February has been an awful month for my diet) but I’m trying to dress for my figure rather than trying to hide it in huge jumpers. Because of that, I’ve been browsing the ASOS app incessantly and creating an outfit list in my bullet journal. I’m thinking of filming a few fashion-y videos for my YouTube channel in Spring for something different, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough.

Lastly, we had a slight altercation with our new neighbours. Well, not exactly our neighbours, but the family who inherited our old neighbours’ house. They wanted use to move our car, which is parked legally and in a public space (not owned by them or anyone) but we refused, which made them rather angry and us rather nervous, but now the house is up for sale and I’m hoping we don’t have to deal with them anymore. I’m hoping the people that eventually move in won’t have the same problem!


february urban decay naked petite heat palette tutorial

WATCHING /  We finished Big Mouth and Stranger Things a while back and we can’t decide on another series yet! We’ve been watching movies instead – the Divergent series, Jupiter Ascending and the Maze Runner series / READING / I’m rereading Before I Fall because I’ve just seen the film is on Netflix / PLAYING / PUBG (or watching Chris and his friends play it) / WEARING / New clothes from ASOS! I’m particularly enjoying a denim skirt / USING / Primark Glycolic Cleansing Pads – so much cheaper than the Nip n’ Fab ones! / EATING / Way too much Dolly Mix / LISTENING TO / Signal 80s, an 80s-only radio station.

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