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PS Pro Mascara & PS Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick | Review

I got three of the PS Pro High Definition mascaras (yep, I stocked up) in Primark over my birthday and thought I’d review it, considering I wear it every day now! I also thought I’d review the metal matte lipstick in ‘Queen’ as well because, well, why not?!

I had low expectations for a Primark mascara but thought I’d test it out anyway. I first picked up one on Saturday and tested it out the next day and then decided to get anther two of the same on Monday!


The packaging is simple and silver and looks quite sleek and professional rather than tacky. I really like the simplicity


The wand is small and has hard, short bristles. It’s different to most of my other mascaras which is always refreshing. The first thing I noticed was that it was SO black. It coated my lashes with a lot of mascara with just one sweep so I can use it easily in a rush with no problem.


This is what it looks like with one coat on my lashes, with no lash primer or anything. It does border on clumping if you apply too much so you have to be fairly liberal with it but it was easy to work with.

I’d prefer it if it was waterproof but I bought a waterproof mascara top coat the other day in the W7 Beauty Outlet so it isn’t really an issue for me anymore!


It would have got 10/10 if it was waterproof and didn’t clump so easily!

Onto the PS Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick. I have both Queen and Goddess but I just want to review Queen for now. Goddess will be in a youtube video testing out Primark makeup! Make sure you’re subscribed: click here to visit me on youtube.


The applicator is a normal doe foot applicator and the stopper actually works – the wand is clean for once! Queen is a gorgeous golden colour and it claims to be a metallic colour with a matte finish. I have to say, it smells delicious, sort of like fruity body lotion or showergel.


This is it swatched on my hand (dried). It’s gorgeous and would look better on darker skin tones rather than my pasty white skin! It does feel quite drying so I’m going to use a lip balm before testing it on my lips!

This is it on my lips. As I expected, it’s VERY drying. How gorgeous is the colour, though?


Oh. I moved my mouth and it did this. Not good. There are flakes everywhere. HELP ME. HELP. ME. So many flakes. I think I swallowed some!


Smells and looks gorgeous but it’s utterly unwearable. Like, it lasts 2 seconds after it dries.So sad, because I had high hopes!

Let me know how you found these products if you’ve got them yourself or, even better, tell me how I can save this lipstick!!


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