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I’ve done uni twice now, so I’ve stacked up a few tips for effective studying. Sometimes I think I should take my own advice because I get behind on my work ALL THE TIME. But do as I say and not as I do and you’ll be just fine.

1. Set up a proper study area
Free from distractions with lots of desk space for everything you need. Make sure everything is in reach so you don’t have to keep getting up and down.

2. Sort out a schedule
Creating a study schedule means you have a set plan of what you have to do and when. It will make you more likely to keep on track.

3. Keep it simple
Don’t let yourself get distracted by pretty stationary and fancy notes on Pinterest or a studyblr. All you need is a notebook and a pen (or a computer!)

study tips

4. Find a system that works
Find out what type of learner you are (e.g. visual, aural, etc). You might find you like doing spider diagrams, or highlighting passages, or do bullet point notes, and so on.

5. Keep hydrated and snack-happy
Water and healthy snacks will help you concentrate. Junk food and fizzy drinks will not.

6. Create a nice environment
Have lots of natural light if possible, some soft music and a tidy room. Take frequent breaks to zap your concentration back up!

study tips

7. Make some accountability
Tell people what you’re planning to do and you’re more likely to do it. It’s simple psychology!

8. Don’t leave it too late
Don’t fall into my trap of leaving things to the last minute. Get it done when you get given the work, or follow your study plan to make sure you don’t fall behind.

9. Don’t do the bare minimum
Study every bit of material, expand your learning with further research and practice writing essays. The more you do, the better at it you’ll become. Also, attend all of your lectures, tutorials and/or study sessions. They help.

10. Ask questions
Another person’s perspective can give your understanding of something a lot more depth, or if you’re confused about something in the course material or an aspect of your work, ask for help – either from your tutor or a coursemate. Other people’s thoughts are SO important for a well-rounded education.

Hopefully these study tips help those of you who are currently studying, or about to start at university after Christmas!



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