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self care ideas for a cozy night in

Sometimes we need to look after ourselves. We’re easily forgotten when we’re busy taking care of other people and doing lots of other stuff, so let’s take some time for US.

1. Have a pamper evening

Light some candles, put your favourite music on and have a nice hot bath. Facemasks, bubbles and maybe some wine. Sounds perfect!

2. Give yourself a makeover

Watch some tutorials on YouTube and give yourself a new look – either something normal or something completely crazy, just for fun. You might even find your future signature look!

3. Learn

I never want to stop learning. It’s so rewarding, even if it’s just for fun rather than for a specific qualification at the end of it. It keeps your brain active, broadens your understanding and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You can find free courses on OpenLearn or Alison.com.

4. Start/continue a hobby

Knit, cross-stitch, bullet journal, play games, dance, bake, read. Whatever you enjoy! I like to plan and schedule things for the blog and work on my bullet journal, and even play Animal Crossing on the 3DS.

5. Treat yourself

Let yourself have some chocolate or cake, guilt-free. Buy yourself a present. Binge-watch your favourite show. Don’t worry about housework, responsibilities, work, school, deadlines… just chill.

6. DIY

If it makes you happy, start a project, whether it’s a whole room or one tiny craft. Even just moving furniture around or framing a new picture on the wall can lift a room’s – and your – spirits.

7. Watch a movie

Grab your duvet (or a blanket fort), make some popcorn and stick on your favourite film. Have a good laugh, cry or, um… spook. You could also read a book or magazine at the same time if you’re good at multitasking like me!

8. Have a clear out

For some, clearing out old stuff (like clothes, clutter, magazines, makeup, etc) you don’t use anymore is really therapeutic. I wish I was one of those people!

These are just some ideas that I wanted to share, to serve as more of a reminder more than anything else that we all need to be kind to ourselves. Try and take time out of each day just for you, with no distractions, even if it’s just for a few minutes!


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