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Another lot of Open University students have just begun their journey and so I thought as a semi-new OU student myself, I’d offer up as much advice as I have.

open university

As you won’t be attending lectures every day like in a normal university, you need to create a study area. Make sure it’s private, bright, airy and that you have enough room to spread yourself and your books out. I recommend having your PC in front of you, with a notebook and pen to make notes, and your coursebooks beside you to look at when studying.

open university

You’re in charge of your own learning so try and set yourself a specific schedule each day or week for note-taking, reading, researching, watching video clips, etc. It’s very easy to procrastinate! If you make a timetable it might help with that.

open university

As part of your course, you’ll have books to work through and assessments to complete. Some of the chapters won’t have any relevance to your TMAs. My advice is to just skip those chapters. You can always come back to them if you have time later on.

Whether it’s on the forums or on a facebook group, chatting to others on your module can help loads. Ask questions, debate and discuss or just have a moan. It helps to have people (virtually) around you and supporting you through your journey.

Your tutor is there to help and even if you can’t get to tutorials (and don’t have access to online tutorials) you can contact them and ask them any questions you have, to clarify something or talk about any worries you have. They’ll be as helpful as they can be and it’s worth keeping in contact.

That’s all the tips I have for now! If you’d like me to do a post about how I specifically study and put together an assignment, let me know and I’ll get onto that soon!


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