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homemade christmas present ideas

Homemade gifts are cheaper and more thoughtful than a ‘normal gift’. But if you’re not the imaginative sort, I’ve got some ideas for you!

  1. Snow Globe
    Decorate the inside of a seal-able jar (maybe with a mini christmas tree and a snowman? Add water mixed with sparkles and a dash of glycerin and turn it upside down (with the lid on) and you’re done.
  2. Body Scrub
    There are so many recipes for a body scrub online. Just follow one with the intended recipient’s favourite scents and decant into an empty pot (you can get these in the pound shops, or remove the labels of a shop-bought scrub). You could even print your own labels using your computer!
  3. Pretty Utensils
    Get a plain (cheap) set of kitchen utensils and dip the ends of the handles in a paint of your choice. So chic. You could even paint a design or a name on it for the chef of the family!
  4. Tin Can-dles
    Melt down the dregs of your old candles into a cute vintage tin and add a wick for a cute and uniquely-scented present.
  5. Photo Coasters
    Pick up some cheap square tiles at a DIY shop and mod-podge some photos on. Seal with a clear sealant and you’re done! You could even create a polaroid coaster by using white tiles and a smaller, square photo.
  6. Cross-Stitched Anything
    There are thousands of cross-stitch patterns on the internet and so many ideas. Cross-stitching is so easy! Even a child could do it (trust me, I was that child).
  7. Cookies
    Everyone loves cookies. Use cutters and icing to create christmas-themed cookies.
  8. Photo Frame
    Grab a plain photo frame and decorate it with anything you want – decoupage paper, shells, buttons… the possibilities are endless!
  9. Bookmark
    Use card or fabric to create a bookmark. You could loop some ribbon or string through the bottom and add a charm as well.
  10. Jewellery
    There are jewellery-making classes and so many different sets in Hobbycraft.
  11. Bathbomb
    Again, there are thousands of recipes online. Wrap it up nicely and put it in a basket with some other pamper bits for a cute present.
  12. Smartphone/Tablet Pouch
    If you’re handy with a needle and thread, sew up some fabric into a punch and add a button and a button hole for a cute pouch to protect your electronics.
  13. Cute Tray
    Grab a large photoframe, paint or cover it with the pattern of your choice, add some drawer handles (I found some in Home Bargains) and voila – a tray.
  14. Bag Charm/Key Ring
    Make a tassle, pompom, beaded decoration and so on, and attach to a keyring – you can find key chains in haberdasheries, or you could take off an old keyring charm.


That’s quite a lot of ideas for last-minute, thoughtful pressies. Happy crafting!


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