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Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer are women that the media love to call feminists and magazines can’t get enough of when talking about female empowerment and powerful women in media. And although they talk about feminism a lot (Dunham even has a feminist newsletter), here’s why they’re really not a feminist at all.

Trigger warning: short discussion of sexual abuse and rape (with no explicit details)

Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer have both been in the news a lot recently about their foot-in-mouth mess-ups and subsequent apologies. They have made seemingly racist comments multiple times and both have ‘apologised’ backhandedly or not apologised at all. They claim to be feminists but continue to act and speak problematically whilst using the banner of feminism as a safety net.

What they are perpetuating is White Feminism – when the feminist movement only benefits white people – and before you say ‘not all white women…’, compare it to the ‘not all men’ phrase. It’s the same as that. It’s dangerous for white feminism to be constantly seen as the norm in the modern feminist movement; we should be promoting intersectionality and not side-stepping issues that the privileged do not face.

>>Read this article to see Lena Dunham’s racist comments<<

>>Read this article to see Amy Schumer’s racist comments<<

You can also look at Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for other examples of White Feminism, but I won’t go into them because we’d be here all day.

As well as racism, both women have allegations of sexual assault/rape over their heads, with both women admitting it in their autobiographical books.

Lena Dunham wrote about abusing her sister as a child. There’s a lot of controversy with this – either people think it’s normal for children to be curious or people think it’s abuse. I’ll let you decide this for yourself as it’s a difficult topic and I could argue for both sides, having both read the book and the backlash.

>>Read this article to see Lena Dunham’s sexual abuse allegations<<

Amy Schumer gave a speech at Ms. Foundation for Women’s Gloria Awards and Gala, an event dedicated to saluting women of vision. In her speech she talks about having sex with a man that was too drunk to consent. There’s lots of controversy with this topic as well, with some people saying she raped him and others saying that it was ‘just’ a drunken fumble. If the genders were reversed, everyone would be up in arms and the man would probably be arrested. But again, I’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

>>Read this article to see Amy Schumer’s rape allegations<<


  • I agree that these two are not true feminists! I actually hadn’t thought about it on a race level, but you’re right. Feminism is about all women & equality. Not just one section. Thought provoking. ❤️

  • I loved this post so much! Posting it on my fb, girlfriend.
    I used to be a big Amy Schumer friend but as a woman of color, her racism got so blatant that I just couldn’t handle it anymore, even despite great points she made concerning feminism. The only type of feminism I support is intersectional feminism!

  • Yeah these two are definitely not true feminists because a real feminist should at heart be a humanist, promoting equality for all. Otherwise feminism runs the risk of merely becoming another dangerous ideology. We don’t need anymore of those.

  • I think that they are kind of nonsense for sure, and though I like the series Girls and some things that Amy produces/acts, in general I consider both just two types of boring girls that want to show that they are in their area only because they passed through barriers just that were there because they are not exactly inside the society standards.
    I live in Brazil and here is the same thing, we have those artists that say they are feminists but only because is the “thing” right now, you know? And feminists say they are feminists but they are the first ones to say shit or treat mean not as equal but as something worst or as Gods for nothing. EXTREMES. That’s probably the worst. I think that we all need a re-education everywhere, it seems like the common sense is lost and radicals from all sides are getting stronger, while the people that are normal and stable are considered idiots or something worst.

    I wrote something about my point of view related to feminism, mostly here in Latin America:

    Great article!

  • As a non white woman, and as a feminist, I find it incredibly hard to respect either Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer, and I haven’t even read about their allegations or their racist comments. I just find them to be self entitled and presumptuous, over-privileged and completely clueless about the world to call themselves feminists or to advocate the ’cause’. I think they are a disgrace to all the feminists who actually did suffer in order to get the vote or to be allowed to have an education. These women are ill informed and certainly not studied enough to represent women, and frankly I despise them for this very attitude you highlight.


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