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“NEW YEAR, NEW ME” is in every other Instagram caption, like a new number on the end of the date can automatically change someone’s personality. You sigh, knowing that the 1st of January is just another day and has no significance on people’s lives, despite what they may believe.

But you’re wrong – there is a significance. Yes, it is just another day, but what’s more important is the psychology behind it. The clutter of the previous month or year is wiped clean in their heads; it feels fresh and new and a blank slate, ready to mold into what they want it to be. What better day to start a shiny new goal than the first day of a new year?

This is the reasoning behind why I make resolutions. It’s very cliche, especially for bloggers I feel, but the brand new year beginning with a brand new month – on a monday, no less – makes my head feel clear and ready to start something exciting. I can plan out my months for the year ahead and track my progress throughout the year, knowing that I started on the 1st of January. It’s hard to explain unless you feel it too – my brain feels clarified because of the start of 2018. Bye-bye, 2017.

That being said, my resolutions this year are the same as always – lose weight, grow my nails, push myself into things I felt too anxious for last year – but I have a number of goals that I think I can achieve now I’ve left the stress of 2017 behind:

  • Focus on Instagram – upload at least once a day with mini blog posts (e.g. reviews)
  • Be completely happy with my blog – I let things slip towards the end of 2017. I want to upload better photos, better content and get myself a theme I love.
  • Promote my YouTube/Blog more – I don’t really do any promotion at all and as I want to grow my blog a whole lot more I think I need to up my promo game!
  • Stick to a skincare routine – I let my routine slip as well and my skin is definitely complaining about it!
  • Get 2 or 3 rooms done – We’re redecorating our entire house (except the kitchen) and I want to get the bathroom, beauty room and bedroom finished by the end of 2018.

My word of the year is PERSEVERE, which I think speaks for itself.

Tell me what your resolutions, goals or aims for the year in the comments and whether you believe in the psychological power of a new year or not!


  • The only resolution I really set each year is my book list! On January 1st, I make a spreadsheet of all the books I want to read for the next year. I usually sign up for a couple challenges, like the Goodreads PopSugar challenge. Last year I read 65 books, and this year I’m aiming for 100! I hope you are able to meet your goals. 🙂


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