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A new season always brings new feelings, new thoughts and a new outlook on the year ahead. This is especially true with Spring, I feel, as there’s the hint of warmth in the air and everything feels refreshed and renewed.

For me personally, this particularly hits my wardrobe hard. I always end up decluttering at least 50% of my clothes and switching up my style slightly. So I don’t go too over-the-top with buying new things, I write down all the different spring-summer appropriate outfits I can think of. This makes me take a step back and think, ‘does this new thing fit in well with the rest of my wardrobe?’. I make a little list of things that I would really like to have, for example: a black denim jacket and some mom jeans, but otherwise I tend to only pick up things if they’re going to replacing something in my wardrobe.

This video is on my vlog channel, Vloggife, by the way!

It also reflects usually on my diet. It’s no coincidence that I’ve just started a new healthy eating plan (follow my new insta), with a goal of losing two stone before the winter. Over the colder months I tend to gather some ‘winter weight’, but now the sun is out and I want to bare slightly more skin, I do want to drop a few pounds! I’m also feeling slightly more energetic, so have been walking to the coffee shop each week rather than driving. It’s the little things.

I do wish the Spring weather made me want to clean the house more. Decluttering isn’t the same as cleaning, which the house really does need. Our bedroom is being renovated next month, so we’re kind of waiting for that to happen before we clear out some old junk and do a deep clean of the upstairs rooms, but I definitely could do with hoovering the carpet in my filming room.

Finally, Spring makes me feel organised and want to plan everything going on in my life, so I’ve been focusing on thinking of video ideas, planning my upload schedule and creating a system for filing my taxes. Not the most fun activity, but it helps me feel prepared.

I think Spring is great time to try something new, get your life in order and, most importantly, have fun with whatever you’re doing!


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