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I’ve mentioned before how I want to create more goals for myself in 2019, and how important I think resolutions are for my personal growth, even I don’t stick to them. I think 2018 was a bit of a ‘practice run’ for me; I didn’t really have much direction, but I did focus on improving skills and growing my social media. This year, 2019, I want to put those skills into action and get more done. My aim is to feel like I accomplished a lot when 2020 rolls around.


I’ll be 25 this year, which feels like a big milestone. I do want to feel like I haven’t wasted my youth, so I want to just have fun and do more spontaneous activities. There’s nothing set in stone that we’ve booked or I have in mind (hence the ‘spontaneous’), but I’m thinking we will go on a short city break – perhaps Budapest or Amsterdam – or maybe book a proper holiday.

The biggest task we have as a couple is the house renovation. We’ll be finished in the bathroom by the end of January, and we’ll hopefully get the living room and dining room done by the end of this year.

writing a book

In terms of my personal growth, I’d like to write a book (or start one, anyway). It’s something I’ve wanted to do for around two decades, so I thought it was about time! I’ve had a story idea floating around since 2012, but I’d also like to develop a new one too, in case the first doesn’t work out how I imagined. I’m going to set aside one day a week where I don’t have any (or many) other tasks to do, like filming or editing, just so I can work on planning and eventually writing my book. I might do some updates in blog post form throughout the year, and possibly talk about the resources that have helped me along the way in case anyone is thinking about writing something too!

As well as the usual ‘grow my subscriber count’ kind of goals I have surrounding my YouTube career, I’d also like to work with a brand on a sponsored video at some point, perhaps get on a PR list or two and get my name more out there. It’s hard work to get noticed these days as it’s such a saturated market, but I’m really determined to do well and really start off my career. I want to look back on 2019 and be able to say, “that was the year it all started”.

weight loss

Yes, I also want to lose weight – perhaps 2 stone – and keep fitter and so on, but I really do want to focus more on doing more, living my life and not getting myself down about how I look. I think how we act and the things we do is a lot more important than what we look like and how much we weigh, so that’s my main goal for 2019.

Also, please join me in saving the planet. Use less plastic. Recycle. Reuse. Use less water. Make sustainable choices!


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