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I love What I Eat in a Week/Day videos and blog posts, because it gives me meal ideas and I find it interesting delving into people’s diets. However, I have to remind myself that the internet is a funny place and a lot of these videos and posts are altered to only show you the ‘best bits’, rather than the time where they ate 4 KitKats in one sitting on a Thursday afternoon. I’ve even heard of Instagrammers who make their meals look beautiful for pictures, but then order a pizza instead. So, for my version of this popular post, I made a pact with myself to be completely true – no matter what I eat, I will take a picture of it and post it in this blog post.

For anyone wondering, I’m meant to be doing Slimming World, but have been very loosely sticking to it. I definitely go over my syns allowance every day, but I try to stick to my HexB and HexA allowances, as well as eating lots of Speed foods. Mostly. I’ve been trying to lose 50lbs for around 3 years now, but I’ve never lost more than 9lbs, even when I was eating healthily and going to the gym, so I always end up going back to unhealthy eating. My body just doesn’t like losing weight! This week wasn’t the best week I could have chosen, but… oh well.



what i eat in a day what i eat in a day what i eat in a day what i eat in a day

BREAKFAST10am / I woke up late, so I just grabbed an Alpen Light bar. They’re only 70 calories, so they make a good snack! I did forget to snap a pic of this, but in my defense I was half asleep.

LUNCH: 12.30pm / Day number four of Campfire Stew. I do love it (and it’s especially handy to use up all the random things in my cupboards) but after 4 servings of it, I’m a little bored. I had a stale wholemeal roll with it. I had an apple as well.

SNACK: 3pm / I was naughty and stole a whole pack of my husband’s Chewits! Major regret.

DINNER: 6pm / It’s a shopping night so I tend to cook something a little ‘naughty’, but I decided to be a little better and made a pizza using a wholemeal tortilla, a tomato sauce, herbs, cheese, ham, bacon, chorizo and sweetcorn. I paired it with a side salad.

DESSERT: 8pm / I didn’t picture this because I was ASHAMED. But Chris bought me a Malteser’s milkshake from the takeaway (he had pizza) and it was delicious and unhealthy.


what i eat in a day what i eat in a day what i eat in a day

BREAKFAST: 11am / Guess who woke up even later today? I need to set an alarm. I skipped breakfast entirely because I needed to get on with my day.

LUNCH: 2PM / I had a ‘pizza’ wrap, but only had the tomato sauce, one slice of ham, some chorizo, some cheese and a load of salad. I also had an apple afterwards. SO tasty!

SNACK: 3PM / Tuesdays always end up as a snacky day, so I grabbed one of these Go Ahead Goodness Bars, which wasn’t as tasty as I had hoped.

DINNER: 6PM / I made myself some egg fried rice with chicken, salad and some chili rice crackers (weird combination but it works).

DESSERT: 8PM / Melted Nutella with some sprinkles. Frozen banana on a stick. HEAVEN. Not pictured because I devoured it.



what i eat in a day what i eat in a day

BREAKFAST: 10am / I shouldn’t even include the breakfast section in this post. Did I eat breakfast? NOPE.

LUNCH: 12.30pm / I had a chicken & chorizo prepared salad from Asda, which is my absolute favourite thing to have for lunch. So tasty! I could definitely make this myself if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.

SNACK: 3pm / I didn’t actually have anything except a handful of the chili rice crackers from yesterday. They’re so moreish.

DINNER: 6pm / This is going to sound weird, but I had the same dinner as I did for lunch, just with another handful of chili rice crackers. I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted something simple.

DESSERT: 8pm / I made my own trifle using half a 10cal raspberry jelly, half a custard flavour Muller Light, some light squirty cream and some sprinkles. A little healthier than a normal trifle, at least.



what i eat in a day what i eat in a day what i eat in a day

BREAKFAST: 10am / I overslept again. What’s wrong with me?!

LUNCH: 2pm / Late lunch, but I had the same dinner as Tuesday (rice with salad) but with radishes instead of the chili rice crackers.

SNACK: 3pm / I was a bit naughty and had a coffee with some cream on top. The best combination! I also grabbed a Naked bar (not as sexy as you would think).

DINNER: 6pm / I tried to be a little healthier and had a jacket potato with some beans and veg. The cheese is 50% less fat cheese, of course.

DESSERT: 8pm / I had another trifle to use up the rest of the yogurt and jelly (yum).



what i eat in a day

BREAKFAST: 10am / I grabbed a Naked bar again. Yummers.

LUNCH: 3pm / A late lunch as myself and my husband went shopping and stopped off at our local ‘Spoons for a pub lunch. I didn’t snap a picture because I didn’t want to be one of those people, but I had Scampi and chips with a pink lemonade.

SNACK: 7pm / Because we had a late lunch I didn’t really have dinner, but instead nibbled on some flatbread, a coffee and some chocolate orange. Healthy eating.


BREAKFAST: 10am / Again, woke up late. There is no point to me even writing out the breakfast section each day.

LUNCH: 3pm / We met up with friends in Manchester and ended up having a Five Guys – I had a cheese and bacon hot dog with a bottle of water. It was really tasty but wasn’t worth £6.50.

SNACK: 8pm / As we had lunch out fairly late, I just had a coffee and a Yorkie bar. HEALTHY.


what i eat in a day


BREAKFAST: 10am / No, YOU woke up too late to eat breakfast.

LUNCH: 3pm / I’ve been having lunch quite late recently! Chris made homemade bread and I had that with some fish fingers.

SNACK: 4pm / Coffee (as always) and some smarties.

DINNER: 7pm / Still full from earlier, so I just nibbled on some of Chris’s naan bread (he had a curry).

And that’s it! It was a quite unhealthy week, as I said at the beginning, especially because we went out for lunch twice and I managed to have a load of snacks. There’s always next week, I suppose!


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