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As most people often are, I’m currently trying to lose weight and, like most people, I’m finding it difficult. I have a slow metabolism (thanks, Mum) and can’t so much as look at a cake without piling on the pounds, plus with my gallbladder having been removed in January, my whole digestive system is not exactly working hard to help me.

However, I have lost 12lbs so far since mid-March (although I haven’t lost any in a month now), along with 12 inches from my hips, waist, arms and thighs. I do credit the 3 gym workouts each week for most of that!

Currently, I’m using MyFitnessPal to count calories – I’m sticking to 1200ish a day  as recommended – as well as doing Slimming World (sort-of). I’m trying to keep to the 5-15 syns per day, plus doing the whole Healthy Extra thing. Instead of letting myself have unlimited ‘Free Food’, I make sure I keep under my 1200 calorie goal.

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In the morning I have a glass or two of water and a cereal bar (usually either an Alpen Light or a Fibre One bar) or if I’m more hungry, a yogurt with some granola, or Weetabix. The gap between breakfast and lunch is when I’m most likely to snack during the day so if I do need really a snack, I’ll stick to another cereal bar or fruit.

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I usually have lunch at around 12.30pm and I have another two glasses of water with it. I have a pasta salad from Asda, or a Mugshot with some wholemeal bread. Occasionally I’ll have leftovers from dinner the night before which I reheat, a salad I made myself or eggs.

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At around 3pm I get a bit peckish, so I’ll have a coffee from my Tassimo machine (which is only 80 calories for a whole cup!) with some fruit, a babybell or a cereal bar. I’ll also make sure to have another glass of water, because hydration is key to losing weight!

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On a gym day I’ll have a jacket potato with a small tin of baked beans, 30 grams of 50% less fat cheese and some raw mushrooms. On non-gym days I’ll have courgette ‘spaghetti’ with a tomato sauce and turkey or prawns, a stirfry with homemade chinese-style sauce, pork with veg and slimming world chips or, if I’m feeling a bit unhealthier, enchiladas or fajitas. I’ll also have another two glasses of water. On the day I took the pictures, I had enchiladas with chicken and chorizo, so a bit of a cheat meal but usually I’m healthier.



I’ll generally wait until about 8pm to have dessert as otherwise I’ll get hungry before bed and end up eating badly. I have fruit usually, but if I’ve been good all week I’ll have a KitKat. I’m a bit addicted to ice poles so if I haven’t got many calories left, I’ll have an Freeze Pop, which are only 14 calories each! I try and have another two glasses of water throughout the evening or four more if I’m at the gym. I find it difficult to drink lots of water so I try and stay hydrated with food with a high water content as much as possible.

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You can watch my What I Eat In A Day YouTube video now!



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