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On the 7th November it was my 22nd birthday (woo, getting older) and I thought I’d share with you what I got and what I did!

This is also in a vlog on my youtube channel and as a haul video as well so make sure you go check them out >here<!

Friday 4th November
My parents live down south and so I don’t see them that often, so they decided to visit for a couple of days for my birthday! They arrived at lunchtime, so we went to costa for a coffee and a toastie and a quick pop into the Beauty Outlet (because why not?). Me and mum then got tattoos! Not matching this time; she got a pawprint and I got a pattern I designed (see below). For dinner we went to a Chinese all-you-can-eat. Yummers.

Saturday 5th November
We decided to go shopping as mum wanted a few bits and I had birthday money to spend, so went went to Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent city centre) and raided Primark. I also spend way too much money in Superdrug. Everything I bought will be in my November haul at the end of the month. In the evening we went to my in-laws for a bonfire night with fireworks and food. We also played Articulate which was SO FUNNY.

Sunday 6th November
My parents drove back down south and me and Chris cooked ourselves a roast and watched TV and films all day. It was a cozy day! The pic below is of all the gifts I received. I’m looking forward to using my headphones and Too Faced palettes!

Monday 7th November
For my actual birthday we drove to Leicester for more shopping. There’s a new Primark there so I spent most of money in there (and then again at the older Primark in the city centre). I also got some more makeup and Chris got himself some bits. The pic below is everything I bought (not clothes, they won’t fit in the pic). I spent a lot. In the evening we watched Xmen Apocolypse, had some leftovers and ate lots of cake.

Tuesday 8th November
We had been given a voucher for a restaurant called Pecks as a wedding gift and so we decided to use it for my birthday. It was actually really posh which I’m not used to, but my makeup looked nice…

I had a lovely birthday – thank you to those who wished me happy birthday, by the way! – and it was quite a busy one, so I’ve been a bit absent from the internet for a while, but I’m back! Make sure to check out my youtube channel with the birthday vids which was linked at the beginning of this post!

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