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The summer started this month and the weather has started to sort itself out after a miserable beginning of the month, so I feel like the season has uplifted my spirits and given me a lot more energy with all my endeavours!

I started my revamp of my blog and youtube channel this month and so far I’m loving how they both look. I’ve been making a real effort to keep my content on top form for my readers (you guys!) and I hope you’ve enjoyed it all so far. However, I feel like I’ve had hardly any time to actually settle down and enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs, so I’m going to make a real effort to do that in July. My blog views have improved and I’ve reached over 760 followers [on the 21st June]. Thank you so much for following! On YouTube I’ve reached over 1000 subscribers, which is very exciting and I’m so happy that my little channel is growing. You can subscribe here if you want to!

Most importantly in my personal life was the adorable additions of Percy and Eleanor! They were quite a spontaneous adoption, but they are so beautiful and so happy, and they’ve settled in perfectly. They’re coming up to 12 weeks old now. Eleanor is a tortoiseshell mix and Percy is a ginger tabby mix. You can see the ‘reveal’ here.

Now for the blog posts and youtube videos I’ve enjoyed most this month!

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Why Is It So Hot?! Vlog
In this vlog, I go on an adventure in the woods and ask for some help!


Best Budget Beauty Buys
I run through the best makeup and skincare you can get a the drugstore!


Spring/Summer Primark Haul
I got some new clothes and a little bit of makeup at Primark and thought I’d share!


The Ordinary Foundation Review
I test out The Ordinary’s Coverage foundation using four different methods and a 12 hour wear test!


Makeup Revolution Morphe Dupe Comparison
I test out and compare the MUR Amplified palette with the Morphe 35O!


Make-up (10).png

Candle Review
I got sent a Charismatic Cat Candle for review, so that’s exactly what I did!


Why Rose Water Is Having A Skincare Moment
This was my favourite post to write this month; I talk about rose water in skincare and what it does!


Blogger Mistakes + How To Avoid Them
New bloggers often make mistakes, so if you want to avoid those, read this!


Best Of Skincare Tag
It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post, but I loved the Best of Skincare tag!


Daily Essentials
I put together a list of my top 10 products in my daily ‘it kit’ – the stuff I use every single day!



I hope your months were great, too! I have lots of awesome posts and videos planned for July so make sure you’re following and subscribed to see those!

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