monthly catch-up | november

November has been a hectic month! I wanted to let you guys know everything that’s happened because there’s been SO MUCH. Well, a bit. Not lots.

I finished my first assignment at the Open University and got it back 10 days later. I got 88%! Which is a 1st/distinction/A grade equivalent. When I was at a ‘normal’ university the best grade I got was 70, so I’m really surprised (in a good way).

As you probably knew, it was my birthday at the start of the month. I did a couple of videos on youtube (watch here and here) and a blog posts (here) but basically I bought a TONNE of stuff and had a lot of fun. I also got a tattoo (see below)! It is technically my fifth tattoo, but I got two of my tatts ‘joined’ so I only have three… if that makes sense.


I started Christmas shopping this month as well. I still have a few bits to get, but I’m going to wait until payday for that. Hopefully 1st December isn’t cutting it too fine… I’m finding it difficult to buy for people this year.

I finally (finally! After 7 years!) got an official diagnosis and surgery date to have my gallbladder removed. That’s happening in January, so expect a blog post about that. I’m a bit nervous but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

As of today (24th Nov) I’ve reached 181 subscribers on YouTube! How awesome is that? I only started in mid-August. I’m so grateful for the support. I’ve set myself a goal of 200 by the new year, so if you guys subscribed I’d be so grateful. If you like my blog you’ll love my channel! Click here to sub! My blog has nearly 270 followers now as well, which is mad! Thank you all so so so much. I’d love to reach 300 by new year, so please follow if you haven’t already!

Me and Chris finally succumbed to Netflix. It’s only £6 a month so we couldn’t really argue with that. We’ve already watched all of OITNB, Rick & Morty, Pokemon Indigo League, Season 9 of TBBT, Hannibal and we’re now halfway through Jessica Jones. It’s a deep, dark hole of films and TV in there.

That’s about it! There’s more but I don’t want to bore you with minute details. I hope your Novembers were amazing and I also hope that your Decembers are even better! Much love!



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    1. I run an online proofreading and editing service, as well as doing blog/youtube stuff. I also freelance for various things from time-to-time. I recently guest-wrote for a website, which was fun 🙂