The last update of 2016! This year is going so fast. It’s Boxing Day so I’m busy doing second Christmas – I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and today.

I have planned another tattoo. I haven’t designed it 100% yet or booked it or anything but I want a corn snake coming out of some flowers. Bit of a weird one, but I think it’ll turn out cool. It’s going between my existing tatts on my left arm.

I absolutely smashed my November and December goals! I’m now hoping for 375 subscribers before NYE (I’m currently on 359 on the 20th)… here’s hoping! 300 was my blog follow goal too and I’m now over 330 which is amazing! Thank you so much for anyone who has helped me reach that.

It’s not long to go before my gallbladder surgery and honestly I’m terrified! I have never had surgery before and I’m already having nightmares. I guess I’ll do a blogpost to let you know how it went in mid-January.

I’ve been collecting some bits and pieces for a giveaway! I’ll launch it when I reach 500 subscribers, 500 blog followers and 1000 instagram followers (on hollife.journal) so make sure to follow me on those if you want to be notified when that goes up! It’s already pretty big, but I’m going to get a few more things and I’m super excited.

I’ve got a planner! I’m still going to be bullet-journaling but from January I’ll be using a planner for my weekly spreads and ‘month-at-a-glance’ spreads. Everything else will still be in my bullet journal. I’ll be doing more youtube videos about my planning so keep an eye out.

If you haven’t seen my January update blog post, I recommend having a read of that. It outlines what I’m planning for the blog/youtube channel for the start of 2017. 2016 was awesome and crap at the same time – I got married, moved into a new house, started blogging and youtubing, but also lots of bad stuff happened in the world: Trump, Brexit, so many terrorist bombings and attacks, so many deaths… it’s been a weird one.

And that’s about it! I’m super excited for 2017, but not as excited for surgery on the 10th. Eek.


2 thoughts on “MONTHLY WRAP-UP – DECEMBER 2016

  1. Honestly you’ll be so happy after gall bladder surgery. Hurts for the first five days then slow moving for a couple weeks top, but you probably have been so sick, it will be wonderful not to have that pain and upset tummy. I didn’t realize how sick I had been. I can’t have cream sauces or lots of cheese or butter, but is it a bad thing to be on a low fat diet? Looking forward to following you in 2017!