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Somewhat spontaneously, myself and my husband brought home two 9-week-old kittens at the weekend. We’ve always planned to get kittens, but after our neighbours’ cat had a few, we couldn’t resist getting some for ourselves straight away. So off we drove to Cheltenham to pick up a pair we fell in love with on Gumtree!

Percy + Eleanor (Percy is the ginger one) are siblings and have settled in very well so far; they love exploring the rooms and playing with each other and with us. We slept downstairs with them for the first few nights to help them settle, but they have been wonderful so far. They were already litter trained, flea-ed and wormed, so we didn’t have to worry about that. Their first vaccinations went well too, they didn’t even cry out or worry about their teeth being checked!

We bought them cute matching bowls, a climbing frame, a couple of toys, a litter tray and a soft bed but they prefer an empty box or washing basket (of course). We’re planning to get them some more toys and a tunnel when they’re a bit older and can get up the stairs – our living room has no more room for cat toys!


As you can see, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

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