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Handbags are mystical items. You can find things that have been missing since 1993, crumbs, a whole makeup bag, receipts, snacks and occasionally a purse and some keys.

IMG_20160818_115852.jpgMy handbag was £10 from George at Asda; I’m not one of those bloggers with a Mulberry or a Louis Vuitton. I like medium-sized handbags with a bum-length strap. Handbags that are too small don’t do it for me as they slip off my shoulder and have no room for important things, like a handful of receipts or chewing gum. Handbags that are too big are just a bloody pain. Mine is perfect as it’s a great size, fairly spacious, doesn’t fall off my shoulder and I can zip it shut. It also has handles so I can grab it quickly if I need to (and it’s also black like my soul).

Envelope – I always forget to send things. This envelope has been in my handbag for three days…

Lipstick & mirror – I have four, no, five(!) lipsticks in my handbag. I put them in there for touching up my lipstick throughout the day but usually forget to take them out again. I’ve had eight in there before. The mirror is one that I got free with a magazine.

Perfume – I used to carry around a Hollister spray with me (which smells way to chemical-y for me now) and I used it every five minutes because I was paranoid about smelling bad, even though I wore plenty of deodorant and perfume. I’m a little less paranoid than I used to be because I now have a husband to be brutally honest with me but I still carry around a little perfume sample spray and sometimes some holiday-size deodorant if I’m going to be out all day or it’s warm.

Sanitary towels – I’m a female and I have been caught out more than once. More than five times, probably. So I always carry them around with me. No more explanation necessary!

Plasters and paracetamol – In case of blisters and headaches! Sometimes I’ll keep Savlon in here if I have a blister or a cut, too.

Lanacane – Okay, slight TMI, but I don’t have a thigh gap so if I’m wearing anything except jeans or longer shorts, my thighs rub together and make them VERY sore. I have stretchmarks and scars on the inside of my thighs and they get so sore and inflamed if I don’t use Lanacane every couple of hours.

Receipts – I shove them in my bag and they just never find their way out of it!

Notebooks and pens – I have two notebooks in my bag for some reason. One I meant to use as a mini-bullet journal for when I’m out and about but I just didn’t use it in that way. My multi-colour pen is a 90s #throwback and I love it and the silver pen was engraved and given to me by Chris!

Diary – I haven’t used this since starting to bullet journal in May of 2016 but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. What if I need to write an appointment down and my phone is dead and my notebooks have mysteriously vanished?

Contact details – In case my handbag gets lost or stolen, I have a little card holder (a Radley one that was gifted to me one birthday or Christmas) with my name and number in it.

Purse – I love this purse. I bought it in an outlet shop near my house for £6 and haven’t looked back. It has my butterfly tattoo on it (sort of)! It never has any money in it.

Keys – When I was younger, my keys were FULL of key-rings. Now I just have a Lego Ron Weasley and my Tesco Clubcard. Grown up life, eh? I have my car key on it and my two back door keys (one for the porch) as we don’t actually use our front door at all.

Sunglasses – I have two pairs of sunglasses and they’re usually both in my handbag. I get a new pair every summer but these black ones have lasted me three years so far.

Dirt – So much crap came out of my bag when I emptied it. So much.

Leaflets – People give me things. I pick things up. I keep hold of stuff. They stay with me forever. They are my children now.

Hair ties, hair clips and bobby pins – For all my hair-related emergencies! There are frequently hair-related emergencies. When you have as much hair as I do, it’s inevitable.

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