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I can’t believe we’ve had Percy and Eleanor a whole month. You might recall the ‘Meet the Kittens’ post I did when we first brought them home – that seems like yesterday! The kittens are now 13.5 weeks old and have grown considerably, having put on a good amount of weight and noticeably got a lot larger.

They’re still very much babies, though. They still sleep most of the day and play (and playfight) like they have done since we brought them home. It can get tiring to have to stop them from climbing up my bare legs multiple times a day but we’ve started spraying their back legs with a tiny bit of water when they do as a deterrent. It hasn’t worked yet.

Other than being naughty – we need to buy new curtains – the kitties are in perfect health and have had their two sets of jabs, flea treatment and worming tablets with no problems. Of course I still worry about them daily, like any cat mother does, especially when they eat things they’re not meant to, but generally they’re fine. Percy does seem to have a slight lazy eye, but it doesn’t affect him in the slightest and it isn’t noticeable unless he’s tired.

tortoiseshell and ginger tabby in a box 12 weeks

We’re booking them in for a microchipping and a ‘little boys/girls’ operation soon, after we get back from visiting my parents this week. I am quite nervous about the trip, as the kittens have to be in the car for 5 hours each way, and will be in a new house which has dogs that rule the roost. We’ll be keeping them in one room with lots of toys, but I still worry about them escaping, especially as there’s no porch at the front or back door and they won’t yet be microchipped. We are fitting them with tiny collars instead, for now!

They have made our lives a lot more hectic; we have to make sure we’re really on top of housework, tidying and hiding wires (etc) and keep an eye on what the kittens are doing. Everything requires a second thought, like I have to make sure there’s no way they could jump onto my desk, which means I have to keep my desk chair in the middle of the room when I’m not sitting on it. We can’t leave coffee cups or wrappers on the side as they’ll get eaten.


As well as making us happy with their cute kitten-ness, there’s another very positive aspect to kittens – they kill spiders for me! I no longer have to shout for Chris to come and save me, because the kittens will do it for me, without me having to ask them. It has already come in handy three times!

Although they may wake us up at early-o’clock in the morning by biting our toes, be constantly getting into trouble when I’m trying to work and getting into shot when I’m trying to film for YouTube, they’re so adorable and made our lives so much better. Purrfect.

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