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I work from home, so I don’t have a set morning routine like most other adults, but I still have an order of activities that I tend to follow during the week. Sometimes the monotony of a routine can get quite dull, so I don’t really do exactly the same thing every day, but this gives an idea of what a normal weekday is like for me!

10am: Wake up from someone blasting Purple Rain outside in their car. I sleep with the window open in the summer so this is always a possibility. I usually check messages and notifications on my phone as soon as I wake up. Millennials, eh?

10.15am: Get dressed and ready for the day! Or, more likely, 13907179_694208674063549_6948102737306823324_nhave a super quick shower, put some pyjamas on instead of walking around naked and scoop my hair up into a pineapple. If it’s an exercise day I’ll go out for a walk or jog now… unless it’s raining. I wash my hair twice a week so if it’s a hair-wash day that takes 45 minutes out of my day.

10.30am: Go downstairs, check on the snakes, weigh myself and drink some water. I don’t eat breakfast because I’m a rebel. And because I don’t have any breakfast food.

10.40am: Turn on my PC and check social media and blog stats. Then I add any YouTube videos to my Watch Later playlist and either watch them or put something on in the background and check what blog posts I need to be writing today.

10.50am: Start writing for the blog. This can take me all day or just an hour. I have the month’s posts planned out in advance, so I just check in my blog journal and type away! If I need to take any photos I usually do it at the end of the post unless I specifically need to take photos as I go.

IMG_20160426_1254201pm: Have lunch. Usually I’ll have an omelette with cheese, chicken and spinach in it, but sometimes I’ll have fajita wraps with the same, a salad, or one of those lunch pots with rice or pasta and a sauce. I’ll watch a YouTube video or three whilst I eat.

1.15pm: Continue writing the blog if I need to (I usually do), but I’ll pause to post an Instagram pic on @hollife.journal [now unused, sorry!] at about this time as well. I try and post every day on my journaling account, whereas @hollife is pretty sporadic – I tend to only post if I have a day out or something interesting happens [I now post 1x a day on this account!].

1.30pm: Update my bullet journal and blog journal. Now that I have the blog I’m a little busier, so my bullet journal feels a little neglected. I try and make time for it every day, poor thing. It’s still super useful, but I just don’t spend hours on it these days!

2pm: I get distracted by Youtube and Facebook again.

2.30pm: Okay, first draft of this post is done, now to take the pictures! I then import them and do some editing of the post to make it perfect. My camera ran out of batteries so I had to take them out of the xbox controller. I’ll forget this fact and won’t remember until Chris attempts to play Rocket League later.

3pm: Housework time! I’ll tidy up a bit, do whatever needs doing and then have cuddles with the snakes, as long as they’re not about to poop. Snake poop is gross.

4pm: I’ll browse YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and whatever else I can think of to pass the time. My blog post for the day goes up at 5pm so I’ll triple-check it before it posts!

5pm: Chris is home! Time for a cuddle and a catch-up, a half-hour discussion about what13912886_694480797369670_2999406593445850758_n.jpg we want for dinner and a shower (for him, as he smells like metal and oil – he’s an engineer).

5.30pm: If we’ve decided what we’re having for dinner (and I’ve got something out the freezer) we’ll start cooking. We both make the dinner together unless Chris has decided to experiment again. I just leave him to it if that happens.

6.15pm: Food time! We either watch an episode of whatever boxset we’re getting through or catch up on the YouTube videos we watch together (yep, most of my time is spent watching videos), like Honest Trailers or CinemaSins.

7pm: We play a Lego game together (we’re currently playing Lego Avengers) or continue watching the boxset from dinner. We’re watching Ashes to Ashes again at the moment! After we finished Lego-ing we’ll watch the boxset anyway.

11pm: Bedtime, as Chris has to get up at 7am and he needs his 7.5 hours sleep. We chat and I usually do some puzzles. I’m into puzzlebooks in a big way. It’s an addiction, it really is. I’ll also read, blog (if I have a good idea at night, which I often do) or, yep, you guessed it – watch YouTube videos with my headphones in.

2am: I should probably get some sleep.


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