10 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas

Christmas is a HUGE thing. Like, HUGE. I hate it (sometimes).


1.It’s so stressful  
There’s so much to do! Everyone to buy for, food to organise, cards to write, family visits to schedule… it’s a nightmare.


2. It’s bloody expensive
Food is so pricey at Christmas, gifts are crazy amounts of money and let’s not forget the electricity bill from all those fairy lights!

3. Everyone plays happy families
I hate how fake it seems with some people. You act like you’re besties with your extended family but you don’t see them at any other time of year

4. I get fat
Stop buying me chocolates!

5. Boxing day sales
You get lots of gifts on Christmas day and head straight down the shops the next day instead of being grateful for the things you have.


6. It starts in October
I swear it gets earlier and earlier each year. Christmas songs in summer 2017, I bet!

7. There are high expectations
TV and Movie Christmasses are SO PERFECT that you feel such immense pressure for everything to be a certain way, which leads to the pressure I mentioned in #1.

8. So many dishes
We don’t have a dishwasher.

9. Spoiled kids
I get so angry when I see tweets and insta posts like ‘I asked for a gold iPhone but I got a black one… I HATE MY PARENTS’. Ugh.


10. It’s over too quickly
It’s all over in a day or two. So sad. So much build up for such a quick release (ahem).

In all fairness, I do love Christmas. But these things grate on me a bit. Any of you feel the same?


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas

  1. Omg I feel you. This is me trying to go with the flow but deep inside I’m stress and get tight during January because of what Christmas had cause lol

  2. I thought this was going to be a super negative post and I was going to disagree with everything you said but OMG 100% agree with everything! It’s so true! Chris Moyles (i think, it was defo radio 1) played one christmas song in summer to let everyone know it was 100 days until Christmas, it was awesome and strange at the same time haha!! <3 great post!!