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I’m currently writing this as it’s grey, rainy and windy outside, so I’m not feeling in the Springtime mood whatsoever. This time a week ago it was almost reaching 25 degrees and we were having a barbecue, so it felt more like summer was just around the corner.

During these in-between months of March, April and May, I tend to wear less ‘full face’ makeup as my skin gets used to a little more heat. When it’s warmer outside, I don’t want to feel like I’ve caked on too much foundation (especially as I have an oily T-Zone) or powder, so I’ve been using some lighter products and easier techniques for a quick-yet-complete look.

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springtime makeup look

As you can probably tell, I prefer to use lighter, cream products for my makeup on an everyday basis. I think it looks more natural and ends up being easier and quicker to apply. The MUA liquid blusher has become a firm favourite, as well as the Revlon Candid foundation. The Colourpop highlighter in Lunch Money is another one I love, despite not liking it at first. Soph’s Extra Spice palette is one of my favourite palettes of all time, but I’m particularly using it regularly now as I’m putting together a video where I create multiple looks with it.


To make life easier, I only use one brush for my entire face, and one brush for my eyeshadow. As I’m using all cream products for my base, I use the same one to blend everything into the skin. It helps the products blend better as there’s a little bit of foundation still left on the brush. I also use my fingers for concealer.

With the eyeshadow, I usually only use one transition shade in the crease and outer corner, then place a light shimmery gold or taupe on the lid with my finger, blending it up into the crease and across the whole lid. It’s a really simple yet effective look. For this look, I wanted to add a little bit more colour, so I used the shade Sweet n Sour from the palette alongside a bright gold lid.


I went for a really simple base, with a pop of orange on the eyes. I think orange is a fun colour to play with in the warmer months. On the lips is a ‘your lips but better’ shade of lipgloss, and I haven’t powdered my face whatsoever. I prefer a natural brow in any season, so my brows don’t really change much – I just like using a precise brow pencil to fill them in.



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