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~This post was updated on the 08/09/17 and was originally published on 12/08/16~

I don’t claim to be a beauty guru or a makeup artist or even that good at doing my makeup, but I love doing it. I’ve only been practicing and putting a ‘full face’ on for about two years now, and as I look at my old looks and blog posts (ie this one) I can see how much I’ve improved. I still have a lot to learn and better products to buy, but I’m definitely better at everything than I used to be. This post is over a year old, so I thought it would be fun to revisit it and see how far I’ve come.

THEN: I always prime before I put makeup on, otherwise I get spots (although I do still have a couple of my face today). I love this day cream and primer combo by Olay, it smells like a dream and is so moisturising on my skin.

NOW: I do always prime, but more importantly I have a full skincare routine each morning to prevent breakouts. It doesn’t always work as I have an issue with hormonal acne at the moment, but I use cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser before my primer. I used the Rimmel Fix+Perfect Primer today.

THEN: During summer I don’t actually wear foundation. If I’m doing a full face of makeup, I’ll use BB cream or tinted moisturiser. My Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser is my base of choice in the warm weather as it gives me a lovely glow to the skin and a bit of coverage. I use a small oval brush to apply it. The concealer I used is the W7 GO Pot Concealer in the palest shade and my eye primer is also by W7.

NOW: If I’m doing a full face of makeup these days, I prefer a medium-full coverage foundation. I still love BB Creams (although I gave the Stila one away as it was too dark) but my skin isn’t good enough to get away with less coverage with all my other makeup. I used the Primark My Perfect Colour foundation alongside the Freedom Pot Concealer on my blemishes, using a Real Techniques Complexion Sponge to apply them. I also used the Maybelline Eraser Eye in ‘Brightener’ under my eyes and the Freedom eye primer.

THEN: This Technic Soft Focus setting powder is a loose baking powder that I use to set my base, concentrating under my eyes so my concealer doesn’t crease. It has a lot of kick-back but leaves my skin so soft and matte. I use a small angled powder brush so I can get under my eyes easily.

NOW: Before I set my face, I used the Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid on my cheekbones to highlight my face ‘from within’. The powder I’m using today is the Kat Von D Setting Powder, which is a sample from Love Me Beauty and I’m applying that using my favourite powder brush from Makeup Revolution.

THEN: I’m trying out new contour kit! This is the Technic cream contour palette and I’m using the cool-toned light brown to contour my temples, jawline, nose and cheekbones. I’m setting that with the Cargo bronzer to warm up my face.

NOW: I can’t believe I used cream contour after setting my face. I had so much to learn. I’m skipping cream contour and going straight for the Freedom Contour Kit, followed by my NARS Laguna bronzer. The brush I use hasn’t changed – I’m still happily using the Real Techniques Powder Brush.

THEN: The blush I’m using is the W7 Matte Me Blush in Going Out and is very pigmented, so I only need the tiniest amount. Highlighter is also by W7 – the Glocomotion – and is a subtle gold highlight which is perfect for when I don’t want to glow too much. I put it on my cheekbones, top of my nose and cupids bow using a fan brush.

NOW: I don’t want subtle, so I chose the I♥Revolution Goddess of Faith Highlighter, which is an icy pale pink and absolutely stunning. It intensifies my already-glowing cheekbones and I’ve also placed it on my nose, cupids bow and brow bone using a small highlight brush from an eBay set. My blush is from Primark’s makeup range in the shade Desire. I’ve again used the same brush as a year ago – the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

THEN: I recently got the Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 01 as a magazine freebie, which matches the colour of my natural brows perfectly. It’s quick and easy brow gel that gives my brows a little more definition but doesn’t make them look too bushy!

NOW: My brows are the most important part of your face, so I make sure mine are filled in and defined every time I do my makeup (and sometimes even when I don’t). I used the Primark 3in1 Brow Pencil to fill, spoolie and pencil them out. I’m not actually very pleased with the way they turned out, but it’ll do for a blog post.

THEN: Eyeshadow next and I’m starting off with a glitter palette from eBay and the beautiful yellow gold on the centre of my lid. I then used the rose-gold towards my outer corner and above the gold as a transition. The next palette I’m using is this 180-shade palette from BH Cosmetics. I chose a mid-purple to go on my outer corner and used a small blending brush (also from BH Cosmetics) to smoke it out. To help with the blend, I used a pinky-purple on the edges and through my crease. On my lower lashline I used the first purple on the outer corner and a copper-gold from the first palette on my inner corners.

NOW: Again, I’m shocked at my past self and how I did my makeup. I’m impressed with the shape I created, but not at the application! Today I used the Morphe 35P, building up the crease with a couple of different purples, smoking it out with a deep plum and doing the same on the lower lashline. On the lid and the centre of the lower lashline I used a bright copper-gold from the I♥Revolution Chocolate Vice palette. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t highlight my inner corner today.

THEN: For the final touches, I used two coats of the W7 Lashtastic Mascara, which has a very large wand to volumise my lashes, followed by a Bourjois Mascara to amp up the volume. For lipstick I chose the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Atomic Rose, as it’s a nude-pink that doesn’t detract from the eye look.

NOW: I still have that W7 mascara, so now I think I should probably get rid. This time I used the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara, which is my current favourite and didn’t need a second mascara. For the lips, I also went for a nude pink (so the look was the same as it was in 2016) but chose the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in You’re A Star. I don’t think it really goes that well, but I’m actually not sure what colour I would go for anyway.

This is how the look turned out in 2016 and in 2017! I’m not entirely happy with the look; the eyeshadow wasn’t very pigmented and didn’t blend as nicely as I hoped, but perhaps we can revisit this post in 2018 and re-do this MOTD yet again.

Did you enjoy this style of post? Let me know in the comments; I’m always interested to hear your opinions. I would also be interested to know whether you’d like to see the same style post for my monthly Favourites – seeing if I still love my Favourites from a year ago!

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