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This past October, I found a challenge on a Facebook makeup group (UKMakeup Addicts) that I decided to partake in – the October Palette Challenge! It was a simple one: use a different palette each time you do your makeup in October. For me, this would be easy (I have way too many palettes) but I often find myself using the same palettes over and over again, so I thought it might be fun to use as many as I could throughout October. It worked so well I am continuing into November, too!

I did upload these to Instagram (follow me here), but thought it would be nice to collate them all into one post.

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1st October

october palette challenge - beauty glazed gorgeous me

For the first day, I used Beauty Glazed’s Gorgeous Me palette. A lot of the time my makeup is specifically for videos, which was the case for this look! I was reviewing the palette, so I used as many colours as possible. You can see the review here.

3rd October

october palette challenge - morphe 35B

The next time I did my makeup I used the Morphe 35B palette to create a pretty simple yet bright pink eye look. I also used the Collection Glam Crystals liner to add a glitter liner in the crease. I don’t use pink that often, so two looks in a row was a shock. You can get the Morphe 35B here for £23.

5th October

october palette challenge - soph x revolution extra spice

I thought I’d go for a drugstore palette for my third look, so I chose the Soph x Revolution Extra Spice palette. This is my favourite Revolution palette; I recommend it to everyone! It’s such a lovely formula and colour selection. I went for a sunset eye with a pop of blue (the liner is NYX Vivid Brights!) You can buy Soph’s palette from Superdrug, Beauty Bay or Revolution Beauty for a tenner.

6th October

october palette challenge - tammi x revolution

As I enjoyed my makeup look using Soph’s collab palette the previous day, I used another collab palette next. Tammi x Revolution isn’t a palette I use a lot as the colours just don’t inspire me that much, but I had a lot of fun using the blue and the duochrome shade to create a halo eye. I’m not very good at halo eyes, but I’m trying to improve! You can buy Tammi’s palette from Superdrug, Beauty Bay or Revolution Beauty for £10.

9th October

october palette challenge - tarte tartelette matte

I have the Tartelette Vault from Tarte, but I feel like I hardly ever use them, so I decided to make sure I used all three in these. The first one I used was the Tartelette Matte. As it’s a neutral palette, this is a neutral look but again I used a Collection Glam Crystals liner to jazz it up a bit.

10th October

october palette challenge - tarte tartelette in bloom

Another Tarte Tartelette palette – this one is In Bloom. I went lazier for this look and didn’t do a cut crease or use any fun liner. It looks messy, but sometimes that’s exactly what I want sometimes when I’m not up for creating a full glam look! I liked the taupe shades I used in this; it made me want to experiment with cool tones again.

13th October

october palette challenge - abh soft glam

I went to a wedding in October, so wanted to use a fancy palette for the fancy occasion. I went with ABH Soft Glam, which is probably my favourite high-end palette. The pictures don’t give it justice – it was a lot nicer than it looks! You can get this palette (which is 100% worth it) for £43 from Beauty Bay.

15th October

october palette challenge - zoeva offline

Although I love Zoeva, I hardly ever use my Zoeva palettes! I dug out the Zoeva Offline palette for this look and went with something that I wouldn’t usually do. I usually like to make my lid shade blend in nicer to the outer corner, but this time I chose a contrasting shade to mix things up. You can find this palette from Beauty Bay for £18.

17th October

october palette challenge - zoeva smokey

Another Zoeva palette – this time it’s the Smokey palette which I really like using for darker looks. Again, this was messy rather than a neat cut crease and it also looked nicer in real life than in photos. I like doing this kind of look for an everyday quick face. You can find this palette on Beauty Bay for £18.

18th October

october palette challenge - bh cosmetics neutral eyes

This is probably my least favourite eye look from the whole month. I ended up putting this palette up for sale on Depop after doing it! I wanted to do a really neutral eye look but the colours just didn’t work for me and they blended away too much for me to enjoy it. If you like a really blended light look then you’d enjoy it, but it’s not for me. You can find it on Beauty Bay for £13.

22nd October

october palette challenge - jaclyn hill morphe

This is another one of my very favourite palettes – The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette! I liked this look but again, it looks so much better in real life! I must work out how to fix that. I used the brown shades and a blue-green together which I really enjoyed. I do regret putting the bronze shade on the inner corner (I wish I’d used a lighter shade) but I’m okay with it. You can find it on LookFantastic for £37.

29th October

october palette challenge - huda mauve obsessions

This is another palette I haven’t used in a long time. I got the Huda Mauve Obsessions palette on the day it came out and used it for a week then forgot about it! I did another messy look with all the pink shades, but I loved the way it turned out – it’s such a nice colour! You can get this palette on Feel Unique for £25. Using my name (Holly Robinson-Crane) gives you 20% off at checkout!

30th October

october palette challenge - tarte tartelette toasted

I finally got around to using the last Tarte palette – the Tartelette Toasted! This again is one I hardly ever use, but I really loved using it. I did a dark lid with a nice warm orange and brown on the outer corner and crease. I again used the Collection Glam Crystals to define the crease. I really love this look.

31st October

october palette challenge - abh prism

For this final look on the last day of October, I used the ABH Prism palette. This is a much-loved palette and I really love the look I created. I enjoyed the neon yellow on my inner corner and the lid shade is such an interesting and unique one that I haven’t seen in another palette before!



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