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My everyday makeup tends to be a little more full coverage and ‘done’ than most other people’s. Most of that we can thank a lack of self-confidence for, but the biggest reason why I just have to have a full face most days is because, well… I love doing it. If I have time, the hour spent putting my everyday makeup on my face is a joyous one; I love cycling through multitudes (I have a serious addiction) of products each day and rediscovering old favourites and new obsessions. There isn’t the pressure of getting everything perfect in an everyday look, whereas if I’m going ‘out out’ or doing a particular look it feels so constrained. I like experimenting!Everyday Makeup - the quick and easy drugstore makeup products I'm choosing this month

As I mentioned, I change the products I use every day almost each time I do my makeup but these are the items I’ve been loving and using in the past week. I like products that are easy to work with and look great on my skin without me having to put a lot of effort in – the ultimate lazy full face! The Primark lip crayons are probably my favourite lip product of all time; they are so creamy, pigmented and longwearing – and just £2 (not pictured)! The new Re-Loaded palettes from Revolution are a new formula and are amazing quality for just £4.

everyday makeup everyday makeup

I generally only do my makeup when I’m filming, or if I have to leave the house for anything other than the supermarket (ASDA doesn’t care if I’m bare-faced). I like my skin to look smooth and unblemished when on camera. That’s why I opt for a higher coverage foundation and concealer as well as using products that don’t add much texture to my skin; I generally don’t wear much powder highlight for this reason. Three or four days out of my week are spent filming, so I’ve settled into a daily routine of how my day works out.

everyday makeup everyday makeupDAY IN THE LIFE

So, what do I actually get up to during the day? It’s not all coffees and makeup, although that does seem like a significant part of my daily life.

9AM / I’m trying to wake up at 7am with my husband, but so far I’ve almost punched him in the face four times as he tries to gently rouse me from slumber. 9am seems to be my natural waking time, so who am I to argue with nature? I drag myself out of bed at some point in the next few minutes and get myself dressed and washed.

9.30AM / Breakfast, if I can force myself to make it. I’m trying to have a more substantial breakfast in order to prevent snacking later, but so far it hasn’t helped. All I’m doing is eating more! I’ll watch a YouTube video or two whilst I eat, because my Watch Later playlist is filled to the brim.

10AM / Life admin time. Reading emails, tidying up, feeding the kittens, replying to comments on social media. I’ll also take all of my main Instagram pictures for the week, as I like to post at least once a day. Taking the flatlay photographs for Insta in advance means there’s a cohesive theme and I always have a picture ready to upload.

12.30PM / Lunch break! I’ll eat at my desk with a YouTube video or three. Usually I have leftovers or some sort of salad with a pint of water. I’ll choose a long video on purpose and, after eating, will do my makeup of the day. I watch YouTube videos in all of my spare time. As well as loving creating content for YouTube, I love watching it!

1.45PM / I’ve spent way too long doing my makeup, but now it’s time to film. I usually have one or two videos to film a day. If I do have more than one, I make sure I’ve brought a spare jumper and lipstick to my desk so I can change and it looks like a different day (life hack). Even for a ten minute video, it takes me around an hour to film, especially if I have some prep work to do. Luckily I love it!

everyday makeup

3PM / I’ll quickly take a few photos for a blog post. I have to rush in order to beat the light levels, so I’m not 100% happy with any of the shots I have, but I’ll make them a little bit better in editing. That’s the main issue I’m having at the moment with my blog, but I can never get myself organised enough to have good photos.

3.30PM / I transfer all of my footage and shots across to my laptop. Whilst it’s whirring away, I’ll have a cup of coffee (I’ve earned it) and possibly a snack to tide me over and watch another YouTube video. I don’t understand how people can only have 3 meals a day and not snack. I get so hungry between lunch and dinner and between dinner and bedtime, no matter what I eat!

4PM / It’s getting late in the working day, but I should be able to get at least half a video edited. I can always finish it off tomorrow or at the weekend… That’s what I tell myself, anyway. Depending on the video, it can take up to 4 hours to edit, but can take as little as an hour.

5PM / Chris is home, so it’s cooking time and spending time together. I like making big meals like Campfire Stew or Chinese dishes so I have leftovers to eat the next day. We usually watch a few YouTube videos or a couple of Netflix shows with dinner. After that, it’ll be either more Netflix or we’ll play a game!

8PM / If we’re not playing a two-player game, I use this time to write blog posts, edit photos and plan my days/weeks in my blog planner. I like feeling prepared for the day or week or month ahead; it stops me from feeling really stressed and forgetting something.

11PM / Bed time! We play a couple of mobile games together and Chris falls asleep on me and gives me a dead arm. Thanks babe.



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