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During high school there’s enormous amounts of pressure to wear makeup and keep up with the latest trends, despite school being purely there for learning (and algebra). With most schools adhering to a strict uniform policy, you’re not usually allowed to head into English with face full of makeup. This can be a problem for some people if they’re self-conscious or want to hide teenage acne from sight, so I decided to show you how you can have a full face of makeup for back to school season that’s virtually undetectable. As an added bonus – this is all affordable drugstore makeup! (links are affiliated).

Disclaimer: you don’t need to wear makeup at school, or any other occasion. This is purely a tutorial for those who want to – it is, after all, a choice. There’s tremendous amounts of pressure to conform with others during your teenage years and although you shouldn’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, sometimes it does make life easier to go with the trends and blend into the crowd at school.



  1. (optional) Colour Corrector – this one is £8 from Revolution!
  2. Primer – depending on your skin type, go for a hydrating one or a mattifying one
  3. BB Cream – or you could use tinted moisturiser or light-coverage foundation
  4. Translucent Powder – this one by Collection is an absolute bargain!
  5. Tinted Lip Balm – bonus points if it’s scented!
  6. Mascara – pick a natural-finish one, like this one by Maybelline!
  7. Liquid Highlighter – if you have dry or dull skin, you can get some glow
  8. Cream Contour – for some definition to your face
  9. Eyebrow Powder – make sure it’s the same colour as your hair!
  10. Setting Spray – school days are long, so protect your makeup!


back to school makeup

First, set down your primer to provide your skin with a base and to help keep your makeup in place throughout the day. If you’re not sure which primer to choose, read this post about the different types!

If you have acne, blemishes and dark circles, use the colour correcting palette to even out your skin. This isn’t necessary unless you do have a lot of redness and other discolouration, so don’t feel like you need to do it. I’ll have a post going up all about colour correcting soon!

Next use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, making sure to blend everything in seamlessly down your neck, at your hairline and around your features. You need to it look like your skin, which is why it’s best to go for something with light coverage over a foundation. Getting the right shade for your skin tone is important too, as it will look obvious otherwise.


Get rid of any undereye creases with your fingers and apply powder just to where your concealer usually goes. This is to prevent your base creasing and to prevent your mascara from transferring. You shouldn’t need to apply powder anywhere else!

If you do have dull skin, a subtle liquid highlighter on the cheekbones can give you back some life into your complexion. Dab the tiniest blob of highlight onto your finger and blend into the skin. Choose a highlight with a sheen rather than glitter so it looks natural.

For a little bit of definition, contour the cheeks slightly with a cream contour. Don’t go too overboard with this as it will definitely not look natural, but instead blend a small amount into the ‘shadow’ area under your cheekbones for a natural defined look. If you’d prefer some colour on your cheeks rather than a chiseled look, dab some cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks.


Your eyebrows may not need it at all, but if you have lighter or sparser brows, a brow powder in the same shade as your hair (or one shade lighter/darker depending on the colour) will look more natural than a pomade or pencil. Go over your natural shape with the powder using an angled brush and spoolie out any unevenness. Don’t go too harsh at the inner parts of your brows otherwise they’ll look filled in.

When picking a mascara, choose one that doesn’t clump up your lashes or adds too much volume – you want your lashes to look lengthened and separated without looking false for a more natural look. I like the Maybelline Great Lash mascara for this, but I’m sure you already have a mascara like it you can use.

Finally, a tinted lip balm! You can usually get away with reapplying this at school as it’s just lip balm, especially in the colder months when lips are permanently chapped. If you don’t have a tinted lip balm, use your finger to apply a nude lipstick so it’s more sheer, and put clear lip balm on top. If you’re doing that, choose a lipstick that’s ‘your lips but better’ in colour.

I hope you all have great school years; try not to worry about the way you look (easier said than done, I know) as in a few years time you won’t think about that aspect of it at all. Just keep your head down, study hard and enjoy your time as much as you can! And don’t blame me if you get caught with your makeup. I tried!

If you want to see a video tutorial of this look (and hear some sage advice from a 20-something year old who’s finished education), check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy it!



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