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I honestly can’t believe how quickly July passed us by. It has been a fairly busy month for us, with a trip down to visit my parents mid-month and my husband’s birthday on the 20th (why do birthdays seem to last a week?!). I also feel like I didn’t really accomplish much, as it’s been far too hectic to really sit down and think about what I’ve been up to. Let’s try now, anyway!

The Round-Up

Let’s start with the usual blog and YouTube numbers. I’ve gained over 100 followers on the blog this month, taking my count up to over 880 [as of 29th July]. It won’t be long until we’re celebrating 1000 of you lovely lot, and when I do, I’m thinking about possibly going self-hosted. We shall see! Thanks so much for getting me here!

My YouTube subscriber count has gone up to almost 1140 now as well, and rises every day, which is mind-boggling! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far. If you didn’t know, my channel is about beauty and lifestyle, with the occasional vlog. You can subscribe here if you would like to.


As I mentioned, it was my husband’s birthday on the 20th of July (he turned 24) and he got a Nintendo Switch and then the Mario Kart game for it from me, so we’ve been enjoying playing that together. I’ve heard rumours of Animal Crossing being released on the Switch in the next year or two, and I’m already majorly excited about it.

My diet is… not going well. Too much birthday cake and takeaways this month meant I’ve basically written off July entirely and I will be trying again in August. I haven’t given up! But I definitely need to get back on track. I’m thinking about trying to give up sugar and dairy and carbs… except for my daily latte.

Lastly, before I get into what I consider the ‘best of my blog/YouTube channel’ this month, I want to ask you a question. What do you want to see me write about? More beauty? More popular culture pieces? More personal posts? Please let me know, because I want to make you happy!

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The Best Bits

Shop My Stash 
Have a rummage though my makeup collection to find some bits I’d forgotten about to add to my everyday makeup routine!

The Decluttering AKA Escape
A short film for a Trinding contest where the makeup is alive and the threat of decluttering is imminent.

Road Trip + A New Tattoo
In this vlog, we take a long trip with the kittens, it’s Chris’s birthday and one of us gets a new tattoo…

New Beauty Community
I’ve created a new beauty bloggers community and I want you to join us! Find out everything you need to know…

Testing Primark Makeup
I test out a whole face of Primark makeup for the third time! What bits are bad, what bits are good? Find out here!

You can subscribe to me on YouTube here!

Untitled design (2).pngBest UK Budget Beauty Buys
It’s hard to know what’s worth picking up at the drugstore as it can be hit and miss, but I let you know what’s good in this post!

How To Own Your Faults
We all have parts of us that we aren’t proud of. Maybe we’re lazy or messy… but here’s how you can own it!

Guide To Instagram Glowy Skin
Jealous of the gorgeously dewy skin of instagram baddies and models? Here’s a rough guide on how you can get that glow too.

The Jobs I’ve Wanted
Here’s all the jobs I’ve wanted to do since I was around 3 years old until the present day, and I tell you why it’s okay to not have a ‘dream career’.

The Evolution Of Selfies
I thought it was interesting how Selfies have evolved from the MySpace days right up until the age of snapchat filters…

I hope you’ve all had a lovely month. Let me know what you’ve been up to (and also what you want to see on the blog of course) in the comments!

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