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I missed last month’s wrap-up because I felt like nothing actually happened and I sort-of feel like that this month as well, but I couldn’t miss two months in a row! These posts give me a chance to chat with you properly rather than focus on something specific (like a product review, for example) and I think that it’s good for the soul to ramble.


Let’s start off as I always do, with my YouTube and blog progress. YouTube is going really well for me at the moment, with my subscriber count now over 1500 and my views over 150,000! Last month I set up a second channel (it’s here!) so I can keep my beauty and vlogs separate. I currently only have around 50 subscribers on that, so if you are into vlogs, lifestyle and chatty videos, make sure you go and check it out! My blog is gaining speed too, with around 1100 followers  and my page views increasing every day. Thank you for following!

I feel like my blog takes a back seat compared to my YouTube channel as a video requires a lot more work than a blog post. I know the quality of my posts (especially the photography) has been somewhat lacking lately, but what with a launch of a second channel, it’s been a busy month or two! I promise I’m trying to organise my time better and will be focusing on making my blog up-to-standard as well as my YouTube channel, too. For some, my blog has grown slowly. I think it’s doing just fine considering all I do is write the post, and post it. I don’t do any sort of promotion other than the auto-post to Twitter and I don’t leave comments on other people’s posts – believe me, I’d love to! But I just don’t have time. I do have a flick through my Reader each day though, so rest assured that I’m reading your posts.


My kittens had their neuter/spay operations last month and recovered in record time, even though Ellie pulled out one of her internal stitches through her skin (somehow it worked its way out!) They’re getting quite big! I did a kitten update on my second channel about how they’re getting on and what their personalities have evolved into if you want to see more. Watch it here!

I do have one big exciting piece of news to share with you, but unfortunately things have been delayed slightly and it’ll have to wait for next month (I hope!). Sorry for the tease…


Untitled design (3).pngTesting New Primark Makeup – a full face of new Primark makeup tested to see what’s worth the buy and what’s worth skipping!

Top 10 Under £5 – if you’re on a budget, have a watch of this as I show you all the best buys that are under a fiver!

The Best of TAMBeauty – I shop a lot at TAMBeauty and therefore I feel like I’m qualified to tell you what’s definitely worth buying from Makeup Revolution/Freedom/I Heart Makeup!

Weekly Vlog #1 – cosy chats, a PR unboxing and lots of autumnal goodness. My first weekly vlog on my new channel!

Husband vs Wife Makeup Challenge – I did half of my makeup and challenged my husband to recreate it. How do you think he did?

A Very Special Announcement – this was the announcement video for my second channel but it’s well worth a watch if you want a laugh!

Untitled design (4).png

Purple & Gold MOTD: Then vs Now – I took an old Makeup of the Day post and recreated it using my new makeup and improved skills!

Makeup Dictionary: Undertones – a quick and simple guide on what undertones are and how to spot yours!

Makeup Dictionary: Priming – well worth a read if you want to know all about primers and what type is best for your skin!

How to Colour Correct – a useful quick tip on how you can colour correct your blemishes and pick the right colours every time!

Autumn Essentials – my favourite time of year. It makes sense to write a blog post dedicated to the best season, doesn’t it?

Every TAMBeauty Dupe – this didn’t appear in the Reader for most of my followers for some reason! But I listed every single dupe on the TAMBeauty site… wow!

Let me know how your October was and what you’re excited for in the next month!




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