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August has been dragging its feet and seemingly never wanted to leave. Even the weather got bored and decided to skip ahead and bring us autumnal weather, with it feeling noticeably colder and wetter than July. So much for summer, eh? I’ve been looking forward to September for a few weeks now; my favourite season is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to wearing giant jumpers, ankle boots and a snood. But what about poor August? Let’s round her up.


It’s been quite a slow month in terms of growth for me, perhaps people are outside experiencing summer rather than sitting inside on YouTube or blogs! I reached 1230 subscribers and 970 followers – hopefully we’ll be hitting 1000 soon on the blog and 1500 on YouTube! I have started collecting things for a giveaway for when we do (unless we hit it quickly, in which case it’ll be when I reach 2000).

Game of Thrones season seven (no spoilers) came to an end in the usual dramatic fashion this month. I have to say, this hasn’t been my absolute favourite season, probably due to the fact that they aren’t going from the books anymore. There’s been less drama and death (we all love it, don’t lie) but with next season being the final season ever (do I believe that? I’m not sure) I’m sure there will be a lot more death and destruction to look forward to in 2019.


I got a lovely present from my even more lovely husband in the form of a new Nintendo 2DS. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf every day since, as well as my old DS games like Sims: Urbz in the City, SimCity, MySims and loads more (not just Sims games, I promise). Unlike my husband’s 3DS, I have amiibo capabilities so I’m thinking about getting some Animal Crossing amiibo cards!

My diet and general lifestyle has taken a swift downturn this month. It wasn’t anything in particular that changed, except for the fact we now can’t afford our gym memberships. It’s been a really busy month for me in terms of catching up and creating content, so I’ve found myself sitting on the sofa editing or writing and not drinking enough water or eating healthily. I plan to change that in September – I’ve still got almost 50lbs to lose!

And that’s about it for August. Nothing really happened, but I seemed to have so much work to do! I did my first sponsored video and my first free-for-review product video, as well as organising my involvement in a new brand launching on 1st September (keep your eyes peeled for an Instagram and blog post about that on the 1st). Check out my best bits from YouTube and my blog below (and I thought you might enjoy a look at my new channel art, too).


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