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It’s unequivocally human to have faults. We all have parts of our personality that we want to hide, change or erase, or regrets that we would do anything to go back and undo. But our downfalls can be what makes us. Let’s own our faults.

how to turn negative traits into postive ones


Were you always the leader in school projects, telling your fellow students what to do? Natural leaders don’t tend to take well to instruction, preferring to be the ones doing the instructing. This aversion to being told what to do can cause problems, especially in team situations and at work, or even whilst trying to plan a party with friends. OWN IT. People would kill for your assertiveness and your organisation skills. Delegate those tasks like a boss and don’t take on too much work because that’s what you’re born to be: the boss.


Always taking everything to heart and find yourself weeping at every episode of Eastenders? Sensitive souls often get teased for their empathetic nature, or get fed up with the crushing disappointment or guilt they feel at the smallest of things. OWN IT. Your empathy means you have a deep understanding of others and can be very perceptive. You make an excellent friend, partner and even a therapist, as long as you don’t take on others’ problems as your own.

TOO BOSSY- (1).pngYou’re the one hiding in a corner at parties, if you’re even at the party. You dislike attention and prefer to text rather than phone. This introversion is often perceived as shyness or a lack of confidence, and you wish you could be heard by speaking up. But how do you stop yourself from fading into the background? OWN IT. Introverts are often very creative and can create beautiful pieces of art in various forms when left to to their own devices and allowed to focus. You work well on your own and don’t need to be propped up by other people in order to succeed. Best of all, all you need is your own quiet company for entertainment on a rainy day.

TOO BOSSY- (2).png

Life is boring, isn’t it? You just want something to do (which is probably why you’re reading this). You always want to be entertained and find it difficult to sit and relax, which can leave you feeling frustrated. OWN IT.  People who become bored easily are actually very productive, preferring to do anything rather than nothing, meaning procrastination isn’t an issue with you. Your home is tidy, your work is done early and you’ve always got a project to work on. Your boredom is just an itching to do something productive. How great is that?!

TOO BOSSY- (3).pngThere’s 4 mugs on your desk, your paperwork is far from filed and you have piles of clothes in the corner of your room that you aren’t sure has been washed or not. It’s just as messy inside your head too. Way too much clutter! OWN IT. Disorderly environments usually mean a creative sort is residing there! You’re a potential spout of creativity and innovation and chances are that you can multitask pretty well, and have a good memory in order to keep on track of all the mess. You’re so busy working that tidying has to take a back seat, which is totally okay.

TOO BOSSY- (4).pngYou leave things to the last minute, hurriedly churning out essays hours before the deadline, rushing around to tidy five minutes before your mum gets home from her weekend away and waste days by browsing the new or watching Netflix. Procrastination is the enemy of so many of us. OWN IT. Procrastination can actually improve productivity and personal happiness, believe it or not! If you’re an active procrastinator, then the rest of your to-do list should be pretty clear. It can also shed some light on whether you’re enjoying the thing you’re putting off. Maybe you’re not liking writing your debut novel so much if you don’t actually want to write it.

So next time you find yourself cursing your shyness or messy room, tell yourself: OWN. YOUR. FAULTS.

Because they’re not faults, not really.

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