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No one can deny the fact that it’s solidly Autumn now; it’s cold and rainy and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are appearing in basic b*tches’ hands throughout the country (I am one of those basic b*tches – and proud). There’s oranges and warm browns everywhere – in makeup palettes, clothing and in nature – and the threat of Christmas is looming. To celebrate my favourite season, here’s a round-up of my Autumn Essentials.


In my makeup collection this Fall I’ll be preferring to use my warm eyeshadow palettes like the Makeup Revolution Amplified Palette in Inspiration or the Morphe 35O. I’ve always loved warm oranges, browns and reds but in Autumn I feel like I can get away with wearing them every day in Autumn. I pair the warm eyeshadow with either a dark red-toned brown lip or a brighter terracotta colour. Of course, on chilly days my lips can get chapped so plenty of lip balm is on me at all times!

Untitled design.jpg

My wardrobe gets considerably more cosy in the Autumn and I’ve already began to buy some new jumpers and think about ankle boots. I tend to choose gold jewellery in the colder months to bring back some warmth to my complexion (in fact the whole colour palette of Autumn is warm, despite the temperature outside) and love a good snood.


Finally, on cold Autumn days, I like to snuggle up with a blanket (and a kitten or two), a good book or a good vlog, give myself a quick pamper sesh by painting my nails and having a coffee, and wearing the cosiest socks I can find. If I have a chocolate biscuit as well, that’s even better!

Yes, I’m basic when it comes to Autumn. It’s my favourite season and I’m okay with that. I love the feeling of a slight chill in the air, the crunchy leaves, the jumpers and pumpkins. What’s your favourite thing about autumn?


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