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For Christmas, I was given my very first Zoeva product: The Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette. Zoeva palettes have been on my radar for a while, especially in the latter part of 2017 when they released even more beautiful collections. Despite the luxurious looking packaging, Zoeva 10-shade palettes retail for just £18, which is a very competitive price compared to other mid-range brands. The Matte Spectrum palette has 15 shades and retails for £28.50.


zoeva matte spectrum palette packaging zoeva matte spectrum packaging

The packaging of the Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette is matte to match the eyeshadows which looks extremely luxe for the price point, but it does mean it will get dirty very quickly. Mine’s already smeared with shadow and I’ve used it just a few times! I love the thin holographic line down the centre – minimalist dark packaging appeals to me so much more than loud and tacky colours. That’s just my preference though! It’s worth noting that the Zoeva Matte Spectrum – as well as the other Zoeva palettes – don’t include a mirror or a brush. This isn’t a big deal for me as I have plenty of others that do, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Each eyeshadow is 2.6cm in diameter and contains 1.5g of product which is pretty large! The standard size of an eyeshadow pan in a palette is between 1-1.5g. Each eyeshadow has a generic name of MT010-MT150, which is better than having no name at all, but I do like eyeshadow palettes to have inventive names. This again is just personal preference and doesn’t effect the palette at all.


zoeva matte spectrum swatches

The colour selection is excellent, with warmth in the red tones and coolness in the blues and green so there’s something for everyone. There’s lighter shades for transitional uses as well as deeper ones to darken up an eye look. As you can see, the entire palette swatches beautifully! I was expecting some patchiness with the greens and blues but I was pleasently surprised. The lavender-blue shade was a little harder to build up than the other shades, and the two greens were a little more powdery, but there wasn’t an eyeshadow that I thought negatively about. I didn’t think I would get much use out of the greens and blue tones as my comfort zone is warm browns and oranges, but the bottom third of the palette was the part that most drew me in.


zoeva matte spectrum

For the first look, I didn’t want to do what I usually do and go for a warm-toned look, maybe a sunset eye. Instead, I chose the grey, light blue and light lavender colour to create something light and airy with just a hint of smokiness. It’s an everyday look without having to delve into the beige and tan colours that I usually would. It was exciting to do something different yet wearable.

zoeva matte spectrum

For the next look, I went a little deeper and more dramatic. I started off using my usual oranges but on the lid I went on the opposite end of the palette and used the deep teal. The contrast makes everything stand out more and I love the effect it gives. Even going from teal to orange the eyeshadows blended beautifully and there wasn’t any patchiness or pulling of the colour.

Overall, I think the Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette is definitely worth ordering. It is obviously a little more pricey than drugstore products but for the amount and the quality you get, I think it’s worth the investment. There’s so many looks you can do with this one palette, whether you use it alone or pair it with another palette and the eyeshadows work so well together.

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