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Revolution released their first ‘proper’ mascara (well, the first since their rebrand) and, of course, I just had to review it. When I received it in the post (just 48 hours after I ordered it!), I noticed that the wand was very similar to a popular high-end one. Time for a comparison! (links are affiliated but all opinions are my own). For more reviews, check these out.

The Mascara Revolution from Revolution (obviously) retails for £8. A little higher in price than I thought it would be, but apparently the formula is high-end quality and £8 is the lowest in price they could go. You can buy it from and and it’ll be in stores soon.

The product we’re comparing it to is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I chose this one as they have similar wands and the Too Faced mascara is one of the most popular expensive mascaras in the world. You can buy it for £19 from Too Faced’s site,, John Lewis and Debenhams.

revolution mascara review revolution mascara review

Revolution mascara’s wand has a slight hourglass shape to it, with shortish bristles rather than silicone ‘spikes’. The handle is quite thick.

Too Faced’s wand also has the hourglass shape, but it has longer bristles and a thinner handle.

revolution mascara review
The Mascara Revolution
revolution mascara review
Too Faced Better Than Sex

Both mascaras applied with no issue; I used 2 coats as I always do with mascaras and both layered up fine. I think the Too Faced mascara adds more volume but definitely looks more clumpy, whereas the Revolution mascara added more length and ‘flutteriness’. I sneezed after doing my mascara, so please ignore the smudges!

Both mascaras lasted all day without smudging; I did get caught in some drizzle and so some specks of black appeared under my eyes, but they were easily picked off (gently) and that was that.

I’m not going to lie and say the new Revolution mascara is the best mascara ever, because it’s not. It’s good, there’s no doubt – but it’s nothing spectacular. I do, however, prefer it to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I liked the way my lashes looked better with the cheaper mascara!

If you do want to pick the mascara up, you can do so at Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty. If you’d like to see a more detailed review, check out the video below!


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